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Brain Fog

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(Foggy feeling in head)
Cognitive dysfunction (or brain fog) is defined as unusually poor mental function, associated with confusion, forgetfulness and ...
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148,413 conversations around the web about Brain Fog to help you make a decision
148,413 conversations around the web about Brain Fog to help you make a decision
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Borage Oil & Brain Fog

We found 21 discussions
" I wrong in remembering that eggs, fish, and borage oil are also good? Cod liver oil? Flax seed oil I get through my afternoon brain-fog, I'm going to dig into... "

" ...helped get rid of my brain fog are the above mentioned Borage Oil sesamin (Sesamin actually helps ...of hydrocortisone. I am taking the hydrocortisone now and it seems... "

" ...ovaries and have been having brain fog for about a yr. yr ...and suggested I increase my fatty acid consumption.I`ve added a borage oil,fish oil,and flax seed oil supplement to my diet... "

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" ...much saturated fats, my head gets totally screwy and brain fog settles in. I have allergies to foods I never had before (flax oil?), me now...I've been taking borage oil for only a mo... "

" ...on tamoxifen. My fatique and brain fog have improved temendously. He also has me on Niatab,Riboflavin,Ubquinol,Borage Oil,Kelp, and K/D liquid..all to ...elseI was taking except melatonin and b... "

" ...freak me out. The getting fatter and fatter depresses me. ...The irritability is terrible. The brain fog makes me feel stupid. The acne all over my chin and neck have to give Borage oil... "

" ...Mandy my son has ADD along with TS ...he used flaxseed and borage oil combination supp) as well ...seem to bring on brain fog for him, along with increasing his TS & OCD symptoms too. H... "

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" ...change the flax oil to borage oil, and I think that was ...great when taking it. My brain fog got worse. I just recently got ...low I should not be taking natural thyroid right because I... "

" ...have been : 1. Borage Oil - High in Gamma ...which is an anti-inflammatory cytokine. My guess is that it helps offset some of the ...on this long, but the brain fog lifeted immediately and... "

" ...slept i still had brain fog. I also would expereince ...disorder this can cause major brain fog and tiredness. Alcohol in smaller ...short term and making the brain fog disappear for the mom... "

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