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Claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape and being closed in small spaces or rooms (opposite: claustrophilia). It is typica...
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64,340 conversations around the web about Claustrophobic to help you make a decision
64,340 conversations around the web about Claustrophobic to help you make a decision
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Bone Scan & Claustrophobic

We found 175 discussions
" ...can easily be fixed... if not, next is a bone scan... blah. But I have to take relaxers tomorrow because I am horribly claustrophobic since its a closed MRI... ugh... anywho how are... "

" ...seem to be positive about it! As regards the bone scan, don't worry - there are no needles or cannulas toe. I did get a bit claustrophobic when it was over my... "

" ...get a handle on my claustrophobia, does anyone have any thoughts ...or anything else? I've had nightmares since I was a ...all these scans, esp the bone scan & the sentinal node scan.... "

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" Hi! Had a bone scan yesterday. Went in at 10:00 ...side of your body. I am very claustrophobic so had some problem with ...scanner over my head. Took two ativan but that didn't help.... "

" ...really lucky in some aspects. Don't know what a bone scan is. If it's in an MRI machine and you are claustrophobic at all, I highly recommend Xanex or something!(even... "

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" Oncologist visit following bone scan Yesterday I saw my oncologist who wanted to see my bone scan films & to check me. As I posted, my ...disc. Oh boy, I have claustrophobia & don't really want to... "

" I am extremely claustrophobic and had my first PET/CAT time! I had a bone scan some years back and I ...believe that is where my claustrophobia began. Yes, I know, why... "

" Veggy i am claustrophobic and the idea of the bone scan freaked me right out. But the reality wasnt nearly as bad as i imagined. As sewingnut said i just lay on the table and the machine does most of... "

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" ...over with stomach cramps. No diarrhea, just bad cramps, and ...That is odd, because he is a little claustrophobic. Then, he came home and ...yet this morning. His PET bone scan is next... "

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" ...the most uncomfortable part. My shoulders hurt when it was finished MRI . I have claustrophobia problems and had a difficult time with a bone scan but not with the MRI... "

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