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Bone Pain

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Bone pain is a debilitating form of pain emanating from the bone tissue. It occurs as a result of a wide range of diseases and/or phys...
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Common Bone Pain treatments discussed around the web
Claritin 3,000 Tylenol 1,672 Vicodin 792
58,497 conversations around the web about Bone Pain to help you make a decision
58,497 conversations around the web about Bone Pain to help you make a decision
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Bone Pain & Perimenopause

We found 19 discussions
" ...for a kong time without knowing and yes the perimenopause was difficult to cope with and I just wondered ...and its dealt with my aching bones and sweats etc the rest... "

" ...the welcom. I was expecting hot flashes, got thoses with 4 rounds of chemo and perimenopause. Bone pain, oh no! Already have that with my osteoarthritis I start ...wiil take my nausea pill ... "

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" ...while going through perimenopause. I still get hot flashes to this day and that is a side effect of Tamoxifen. Going through ...years. I have heard that Arimidex can cause bone pain. I already s... "

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" ...ago, and then constant moderate to severe pain in left foot 2 mos ago. Very painful to walk and have stopped exercise walks which I was doing every day til then. Have ...bone pain ...peri men... "

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" ...get much of a peri-menopause. Maybe that's why I didn't. I'm 51. The bone pain is much less now, but I've got carpal tunnel, so that means ...arm paperhang. the brain fog has cleared a bit, ... "

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" Aching Bones New to Forum Hi, This 47-years-old and going through peri-menopause. I have lots of different lately. Has anyone had problems with aching bones and muscles? For the... "

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" ...aching bones/joints Start new thread ...your GP. monthly aching bones/joints Yes shazfos, I ...could be perimenopause. It's... "

" I started through the perimenopause when I was 37. It hormones last year. My adrenals were exhausted, and I was having it. I was having the breast bone pain as well and couldn't e... "

" Hi, The possibilities are-muscular aches as the tone declines during perimenopause, bone pains due to decreasing bone density owing to hormone insufficiency, constipated bowels, gastritis and... "

" ...(if female) and especially during perimenopause menopause (which is me!), causing ...get alot of muscle and bone pain unless all my hormones are... "

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