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Bone Pain

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Bone pain is a debilitating form of pain emanating from the bone tissue. It occurs as a result of a wide range of diseases and/or phys...
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Common Bone Pain treatments discussed around the web
Claritin 3,147 Tylenol 1,726 Vicodin 829
60,267 conversations around the web about Bone Pain to help you make a decision
60,267 conversations around the web about Bone Pain to help you make a decision
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Bone Pain & Feeling Sick

3.14% of the posts that mention Bone Pain also mention Feeling Sick (1,892 posts)
Bone Pain
Feeling Sick
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Feeling Sick
We found 1,892 discussions
" ...w/bone pain & fatigue. As of today, I have no side effects except a mild heartburn. Has anyone had a delayed reaction like this? What is going on with me? I don't want to seem ungrateful, but how... "

" ...sure you take Claratin 2 hours before the shot and for 2 days after it takes away the bone pain of Neulasta. I did finally get sick last night after taking my decadron but am... "

" Bone pain seems pretty common from Neulasta. from getting really sick. Many here have gotten relief from taking Claritin (don't ask me why! but it does work for many!). I had bone pain the ... "

" thank goodness.My feeling rough was pain in bones and muscles ,feeling ...had hit me! Infection gone now so feeling more like me again and pain is more under control. Feeling sick ,well as l... "

" ...days after the shot I had bone pain (it hurt really bad) but manageable. The cocktail consists of Claritin, Tylenol, and benadryl. It worked ...couple of times that I was sick. I feel blessed!... "

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" ...but that makes me tired and triggers even more migraines that I usually get. Also, Navelbine causes me more bone pain than I was getting from disease sites. Compared to the Chemo I was on several y... "

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" ...with AC. I too had a terrible time with it-----sick for days after each treatment. Well A and C are both known for being very tough chemo chemicals and ...didn't. I had some bone pain and fatigu... "

" ...had moderate to severe leg/leg-bone pain since I got sick. Maybe I will try... "

" I do get increased bone pain when I am getting sick. It makes me mental in the phase before I's not. I usually have the bone pain a day or two before... "

" ...infection. The injections are to stimulate neutrophil production to prevent the reoccurrence. May get bone ache as ...tell. The thought of treatment and using the cold cap is making me feel sick... "

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