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Bone Mets

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(Bone cancer metastatic)
Bone metastases, or metastatic bone disease, is a class of cancer metastases that results from primary tumor invasion to bone. Bone-o...
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Common Bone Mets treatments discussed around the web
Zometa 5,584 Herceptin 2,458 Xeloda 1,758
40,335 conversations around the web about Bone Mets to help you make a decision
40,335 conversations around the web about Bone Mets to help you make a decision
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Bone Mets & Rib Pain

0.93% of the posts that mention Rib Pain also mention Bone Mets (269 posts)
Rib Pain
Bone Mets
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Rib Pain
We found 269 discussions
" ...with Abraxane, and it definitely seems to be working for me. My symptoms were different to yours, but earlier this year my bone mets were causing me lots of pain in my ribs/torso and... "

" ...pain in my ribs for years. All ...December. Now that I have been diagnosed with bone mets (among others) and am receiving treatment, the pain has gone. I am fairly sure it was bone mets all a... "

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" ...of herceptin is very hard to to,erate. Ppl told me AC was the hardest but for me it was taxotere. It also made me feel very down and I had such bad rib pain I was convinced I have bone mets. I... "

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" ...bone mets last year. I started having bone scans and PET fusion scans in 2006 after rib fractures and pain. In 2009, bone scan called ribs bone metastasis. I had 2 ribs biopsied in April 2009 an... "

" ...having rib pain. So I started Xeloda (1500 am & 1500pm) with Avistan every 3 weeks, with Zometa thrown in the mix. As of today, I have not had any bad side effects from the Xeloda, but I am... "

" ...them and put them down to arthritis. Basically I had backache, pains in my ribs, pains in my hips and legs and felt generally unwell. Was eventually dx in Feb 2004 after an MRI and bone scan,... "

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" ...about your pain. I'm also have bone mets, or is the rib pain from other mets? Are you getting Aredia? I'm not sure about other meds - tylenol #3 works well for me when need... "

" Hi filosofie I do have bone mets but suffer with pain in my ribs even though I don't have bone mets there. I go to have acupuncture once a month and upon his examination he seems quite confident... "

" ...chemo in Nov and have completed 3 rounds of AC. I have one more round of AC to complete followed by 4 rounds of Taxol. I told my onc that the pain in my ribs seemed to be spreading and asked if... "

" ...if they could arrange an appointment to check things out. I do have bone mets but felt the pain in my ribs first, then much later felt the pain at the base of my spine.... "

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