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hemangioma of infancy is a benign self-involution (medicine) tumor (swelling or growth) of endothelium cells, the cells that line bloo...
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Common Hemangioma treatments discussed around the web
Propranolol 832 Inderal 9
17,764 conversations around the web about Hemangioma to help you make a decision
17,764 conversations around the web about Hemangioma to help you make a decision
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Bone Marrow & Hemangioma

We found 43 discussions
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" ...a few months? Is a hemangioma in the bone marrow of a vertebrae common ? ...should be worried about? I don't have pain in this area (T3), I have pain in my mid-lower right... "

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" Vertebral Hemangioma i had an MRI done on my spine (to look at the bone marrow) it identified 2 disks that were herniated - i also said i had a vertebral Hemangioma on my t6. I... "

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" ...and enter the subcortical bone marrow.? What? Is this bad? ...No meniscal tear or bone marrow or soft tissue edema is identified. Most likely would be hemangioma or other lymphovascular malform... "

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" ...guy here, have had ongoing pain my upper back ...Incidentally noted 8 mm hemangioma within the posterior T4 vertebral body. Otherwise, there is normal bone marrow signal intensity throughout. ... "

" 2000. I just had an MRI done Saturday due to constant pain in my low back ...appears to be a benign hemangioma in L2. Distal cord and bone marrow are otherwise normal in signal.... "

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" ...and I have the report But I am confused. Could u ...heights are preserved. Overall bone marrow signal is normal. The ...of an L1 vertebral hemangioma. A smaller L3 vertebral hemangioma is als... "

" ...they mean. I have had numbness in my upper left ...which appears to respresent a hemangioma. Scout images reveal focal T1 ...saying nothing of this). Heterogeneous bone marrow with what appe... "

Post from
" ...kyphosis. Also abnormal bone marrow signal in the L3 vertebral body consistent with a benign hemangioma. L5-S1 circumferential disc ...Also I have C3-4 with bulging disc, C5-6 with... "

" My MRI is showing my Bone Marrow Signal in normal but apart from a T3 Vertebral Hemangioma what does this mean please help me understand this... "

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" purely educational If there is a question of an abnormality in the bone marrow (rather than a vertebral body hemangioma ), they may need to do a needle biopsy or bone marrow biopsy... "

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