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Dysplasia , is a term used in pathology to refer to an abnormality of development. This generally consists of an expansion of immature...
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31,371 conversations around the web about Dysplasia to help you make a decision
31,371 conversations around the web about Dysplasia to help you make a decision
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Bone Marrow Biopsy & Dysplasia

We found 37 discussions
" ...commonly diagnosed, so that's not a clue. Only a bone marrow biopsy can determine if you have the dysplasia (bad structure or form) of the bone marrow that... "

" that after my bone marrow biopsy on 30/1/12 my results ...that I still have MDS, but am no ...the RAEB category - have moved into refractory cytopenia multilineage dysplasia, which is lo... "

" ...No excess blasts, no significant dysplasia, and negative for lymphomatous ...Trace iron stores present on decalcified bone marrow biopsy sections INTEGRATED COMMENT: Morphologic evaluation... "

" ...a copy of your bone marrow biopsy and you will be ...else\". I was \"unclassified\". I was treated for Aplastic Anemia first. If you have no blasts-that's great. But, Dysplasia means that the c... "

" ...Without dysplasia, the diagnosis of myelodysplasia ...abnormalities were observed in your bone marrow biopsy results. Were misshapen cells observed? ...counts after you started prednisone mi... "

" ...two parts to the bone marrow biopsy. The first part is ...and aspirate both showed dysplasia and if the trephine ...increase in people with leukemia. Dysplasia and dyspoiesis means that ... "

" ...- My doctor's experience with Vidaza post-transplant is pretty ...needed. I suspect a bone marrow biopsy is probably going to ...the absence of overt dysplasia and elevated blasts. At... "

" ...chromosomal abnormalities in my last bone marrow biopsy at the beginning of August. ...the peripheral, there wasn't any dysplasia to speak of in any ...I have been weaning off of prednisone -... "

" ...(full of big words like \"trilineage dysplasia\") because they need to be least as much to blame. Bone marrow biopsy reports are written by medical... "

" ...second opinion. Your pancytopenia and lack of dysplasia might fit a ...given. It may be Filgrastim, Neupogen or Neulasta, ...blood-forming cells found during your bone marrow biopsy, and ... "

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