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Bone Loss

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Osteopenia is a condition where bone mineral density is lower than normal. It is considered by many doctors to be a precursor to osteo...
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Common Bone Loss treatments discussed around the web
Fosamax 3,200 Actonel 1,068 Boniva 909
48,370 conversations around the web about Bone Loss to help you make a decision
48,370 conversations around the web about Bone Loss to help you make a decision
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Bone Loss & Spondylosis

0.23% of the posts that mention Spondylosis also mention Bone Loss (13 posts)
Bone Loss
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We found 13 discussions
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" ...had a dexa scan for osteopenia, how does your gp know ...i have one, i have nerve pain both legs to go with it. Physio helps me, i have spondylosis lower back, he gently helps to ease off t... "

" ...Osteoporosis I have been suffering with spondylosis of the spine ...have been diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine with osteopenia in the hips. I have been prescribed Actonel for the oste... "

" ...that. Has your husband been on prednisone at all? that could ...MG and asthma and have developed osteopenia as a result of the there weakest I get spondylosis of my spine which causes n... "

" ...a cardiologist as she is having sever lung infection and also mentioned that she has mild cardiomegaly and her aorta ...its knuckle, mild diffuse osteopenia and dorsal spondylosis Sir do you thi... "

Post from
" ...years ago shows....findings: Bones are osteopenic.there is mildanterior wedging of of ...and iliac arteries are calcified. mpression:Osteopenia. Mild Spondylosis of T12-L1. Mild degenerative fa... "

" ...done as you lie down and the scanner moves around you for about half an hour. They look for osteoporosis , osteopenia , and any changes caused from arthritis and spondylosis in my ones.... "

Post from
" C5,6,7 fusion/spondylosis lumbar/questions Hello, My spouse(AD Army) ...cervical ddd. He also has severe lumbar ddd,obstructive sleep apnea and osteopenia secondary to a parathyroid tumor... "

" ...if overdone as it can lead to bone loss, muscle wasting, and pain), ...results or people not understanding quite what you have (e.g.,spondylosis or spondylolysis), I doubt they'll matter to most... "

" my neck , spine and shoulders. I have spondylosis, bony spurs, extentsive damage to L-4 and L-5 where it that bad? She then said maybe it's osteopenia. i didn't know what that was so I ... "

" ...My bone survey shows degenerative spondylosis. C4, C5 and C7 vertebral ...out on scout, likely lesions. Osteopenia. Mild retrolisthesis of L2 vertabral... "

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