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(Neoplasm malignant)
Cancer , medically called a malignancy neoplasm, is a term for a large group of different diseases. In cancer, cell (biology)s divide...
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Common Cancer treatments discussed around the web
Tamoxifen 40,976 Medical Marijuana 32,083 Herceptin 30,856
3,959,924 conversations around the web about Cancer to help you make a decision
3,959,924 conversations around the web about Cancer to help you make a decision
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Bone Graft & Cancer

We found 216 discussions
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" ...awful! I'm sure my morphine patches are keeping some of the ...I will need further surgery,bone grafts etc but everything else ...I SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD CANCER,ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!! sorry just... "

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" a plate compression and bone graft. They said the rod broke ...slower and I can't take hormones because cancer is in my family. I ...cap or larger and have constant burning and popping in ... "

" ...breast), trauma, facial reconstruction with bone grafts, lefort III distraction, cranial vault ...Our main two faculty have both done H/N cancer fellowships, and one also has... "

" ...ribs. I had a bone graft done on lower arm ...- Some drs have referred to these spots as tumors, some say they ...osteoporosis drugs? - I have read about radiation causing cancer? What types ... "

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" ...may have received bone grafts from contaminated body ...other diseases. The body of BBC broadcaster Alistair Cooke, who died of cancer, was among those allegedly used for tissues. The MHRA... "

" ...episode about a girl getting a bone graft from someone with cancer. thus her developing it too.... "

" ...cancer 2 year after bone graft for a tooth implant. By the time the cancer was diagnosed it was ...radiation and a colostomy (cancer spread to rectum). Could the bone graft been contaminated wit... "

" ...does not want to scare you unnecessarily. When my cancer came back and after the surgery when I was deciding ...back together so you'd need a bone graft. I should have stuck with... "

" ...a back problem since those bone grafts 36 years ago. Even when ...drama queen but having had a history of cancer and having had chemo which in itself causes cancer, I just have this little... "

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" ...fusion mass and additional bone graft. Now I'm into flat ...bones????In 2005 had to have both breast removed because of cancer..(MD Anderson --Houston....Chemo and the Arimidex that I am pres... "

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