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Bone Cyst

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bone cyst or geode is a type of cyst that can present itself in the jaw, or on other locations in the body.Types include:* Simpl...
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715 conversations around the web about Bone Cyst to help you make a decision
715 conversations around the web about Bone Cyst to help you make a decision
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Bone Cyst & Fracture

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" ...because he has had pain in his right ...physical examination he has moderate tenderness over the midtibia. ...following? A ) A bone cyst B ) Displaced fracture C ) Metastati... "

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" ...for an adult to have a unicameral bone cyst (simple bone cyst), they are most common in be a danger for fracture. Then, they are usually just... "

" ...shouldn't be there. They say it could be a number of things. A bone cyst, a fracture, the bone not growing correctly, etc.. and then.. possibly.. cancer. The doctor she's... "

" ...The assumption is that the fracture was caused by a bone cyst that drained and healed on ...the residual pain from the fracture/cyst lessens...just takes time . They... "

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" ...the past year and came to the conclusion that it is either a bone cyst or a slight fracture healing, possibly with a glob of fat in it. The radiologist had missed... "

" ...was, 15 of anythng will not hurt a kid. Of course some rare kid will have a bone cyst and the fracture occurs there. That usually cures the cyst which is good. As I have said ad nauseum pitching... "

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" A unicameral bone cyst, also called a solitary bone cyst, is a common benign bone ...problem with a unicameral bone cyst is weakening of the... "

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" mine. What they saw are the changes from the osteoporosis and previous fractures. No bone cyst either. After new xrays today read by 2 radiologists, I have no fx.... "

" Simple bone cyst So, I fractured my leg few months ago(now the fracture has healed) and the doctor discovered a simple bone cyst in it. The doctor told that fractures can sometimes heal the cyst.... "

" increase the risk of fracture. Injecting steroids or bone marrow, and search for simple bone cyst. Take... "

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