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(Polycystic ovaries)
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common female endocrine disorders. It is a genetic disorder that can be inh...
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Common PCOS treatments discussed around the web
Clomid 120,367 Metformin 109,379 Provera 19,206
858,538 conversations around the web about PCOS to help you make a decision
858,538 conversations around the web about PCOS to help you make a decision
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Body Temperature & PCOS

We found 661 discussions
didn't even know I had PCOS back then. My cycles were 50-90...
" ...body temperature (BBT). Having long cycles doesn't mean you don't ovulate - I did, just much later in the cycle than most people. If you track your BBT, you can tell if you are ovulating or not. K... "

say that I have PCOS with the following symptoms(that...
" ...deficiency) and more low basal body temperature*(without the medication) cold hands/feet/nose premenstrual spotting low back pain amenhorrea(without medication) Everything... "

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I was diagnosed w/ PCOS 2 years ago so I'm still pretty...
" ...PCOS 2 years ago so I'm still pretty new at learning about it. I didn't really start to look into what it was until my husband and I started to try for a baby which was a year ago. We first tried M... "

first sought treatment from a Reproductive Endocrinologist...
" ovaries. When I was ready for motherhood I was able to able to conceive my two children with just the help of the Metformin regulating my cycles. Before I started Metformin I would only ge... "

you guys this...have any of you with PCOS noticed that your...
" ...changes began to occur...which I later found out was PCOS. Let me ask you guys this...have any of you with PCOS noticed that your body temperature is out of kilter? Most of the time I... "

Temperature I have had PCOS for many years (hindsight is...
" ...Temperature I have had PCOS for many years (hindsight is 20/20), times I experience terrible body temperature changes. I can be dripping ...this something common with PCOS, or tha... "

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a basal body temperature kit from amazon. As with PCOS...
" ...things regarding clomid. I have ...form of treatment and bypass clomid from by gp ?? Also I have just purchased a basal body temperature kit from amazon. As with PCOS ovualtion is really... "

probably still not know I have PCOS. Here is a link to the...
" ...your insurance cover it even though it isn?t approved yet for PCOS? Congrats on the new dosage! Sarah ~ FAM is the Fertility Awareness Meathod. It is a natural way to TTC or TTA by temping... "

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fertile. (Unfortunately I have PCOS and my wacky hormones...
" ...clomid dries up your cervical mucus thsu preventing sperm from swimming up. You can also try preseed... it works very well and we were able to conceive our daughter on it. (I actually just ordered ... "

was Dx with PCOS over a year ago and have been on metformin...
" great, but I definitely think one should try charting your ovulation before jumping to Clomid if you have the time. I charted my cervical fluid and basal body temperature and saw that I... "

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