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Body Odor

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Body odor or body odour, sometimes colloquially abbreviated as B.O., is the odor of bacterium growing on the body. The bac...
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Stick Deodorant 17 Arrid Extra Dry 2
32,516 conversations around the web about Body Odor to help you make a decision
32,516 conversations around the web about Body Odor to help you make a decision
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Body Odor & Pineapple

We found 29 discussions
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" ...crap found in fish. so u shouldnt go crazy with the fish. I read that fruits like pineapple can also help your body odor smell le... "

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" ...was mentioned, toxins can cause body odor. I don't recall noticing that when I did the pineapple-pumpkin seed thing, however, I just ...parasites) and I had a day of body odor. I have noticed it... "

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" ...semen. For example, lots of pineapple and cranberry juice will make ...spent two weeks in Italy, on holiday, that my natural body odour is different, ie pores secrete a slight smell of... "

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" ...bummer to being allergic to Pineapple. Are you absolutely sure you are allergic? Have you been allergy tested? My throat always ...the People Mover and have body odor hitting you in the face... "

" ...more. I've also heard that pineapple positively affects your body odour chemistry... it, along with other ...culprits when it comes to body odour But if you shower or... "

" the excrement sense. My body odor overall is almost non-existent and ...ate a lot of fresh pineapple, which I have not had ...of but it looks like pineapple might be a problem for... "

" isn't my case either because the tests they ran before my operation were fine. Now I don't understand anything, I don't have any liver or renal problem and I still don't know the reason for its ... "

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" ...and let me shove a pineapple up their quivering asshole ( organic pineapple of course!). I mean seriously, ...appealed to me. I was hungry. It turned me on. But body odor is just somethi... "

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" Yes pineapple definately works, also you can ...smoking is also bad. For body odour, don't eat curry or any... "

" and pineapple makes you smell better? As in diminishes body odor or something... "

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