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Body Odor

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Body odor or body odour, sometimes colloquially abbreviated as B.O., is the odor of bacterium growing on the body. The bac...
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Stick Deodorant 17 Arrid Extra Dry 2
32,512 conversations around the web about Body Odor to help you make a decision
32,512 conversations around the web about Body Odor to help you make a decision
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Body Odor & Grapefruit Seed

We found 21 discussions
" ...say its almost definitely not body odour, but ive recently developed very ...bad. i have had a sinus infection for over 5 by nasal rinsing with grapefruit seed extract so thats wha... "

" To get rid of Candida, you need to change ...fungals (100% organic coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, apple cider vinegar), load up are, as well as body odor. The diet has helped treme... "

" Quote: hi Joshie My body odor was anywhere from fecal to ...nice and clear. I had acne and it cleared it ...I just used a few grapefruit seed extract in my shampoo and the... "

" ...magnesium and zinc. i dont eat any rice bread and all those other carbs. theo nly carbs im taking in is form the apple and maybe a little from the carrots. my stomach seems to be getting flatter. i... "

" ...that element, thus balancing your strong body odor. My guess is that perhaps ...honey, white clay, lavender water and EO, castille soap, grapefruit seed extract (just a tiny bit). Peace... "

" They coughed because of your PATM condition, and the ...i gargled with and drank Grapefruit Seed Extract, i could smell the odor ...nasal odor 24/7 or even body odor, i get worse every year... "

" ...Grapefruit seed extract. (Hummm... I just noticed that one can kill the other.... I think grapefruit can kill both bacterias...let me do my research...) and last ingredient is garlic. She takes all... "

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" Have you tried grapefruit seed extract? Also, I read about one ...well for him...its in the body odor forum. Hormonal problems also can... "

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" ...odors from my body. Also, after my shower I spray my underarms with grapefruit seed extract mixed with distilled water. I've never had a problem with body odor since using this routine. Until... "

" i was looking at grapefruit seed extract ... which i heard it works then i was looking on how it works and whats it attacks to stop the body odor. i think we got our information wrong about TMAU... "

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