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Blurred Vision

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(Vision blurred)
Blurred vision is an Human eye symptom...
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95,971 conversations around the web about Blurred Vision to help you make a decision
95,971 conversations around the web about Blurred Vision to help you make a decision
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Blurred Vision & T4

We found 114 discussions
" ...protruding with redness, dryness, blurry vision etc. I have not had surgery. Have hypothyroidism from taking RAI. not on enough T4 medicine, or am overdosed, I develop blurry vision and re... "

" thank you nigel,well i get shaky and even blurred vision after i take NT and anxious,,hmm...well i have labs ...lab but only tsh and t4 so maybe i should go... "

" ...could muscle and joint pain be due to low ferritin as well? And blurry vision!! basically my TSH/free T3 and T4 haven't been tested yet, and I'm wondering if there's any point in seeing... "

" ...taking T3 as well as T4 or are you on Armour How interesting about the T3 and blurry vision - my optician advised me to have my eyes ...Pleased to hear you have more energy - hope it... "

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" ...are my T's: T3, total 50 T-3 uptake 22: T-4 2.1: Free T4 index (T7) 0.5: TSH 11.99. With ...posted prior to this, I seem to be having systems again, pain in knees . blurred vision . weight... "

" ...lab results (TSH, T3, T4) and thyroid ultrasound can ...associated with diarrhoea, feeling dizzy or nervous (as ...etc. With regards to your \"blurred vision\" problem, most probably it is... "

" ...That is SCARY... I am LIOTHYRONINE (CYTOMEL) 5 MCG , ...dose. My current dosage of T4 is 137mcg. I am also causing the eye twitching/random blurred vision, said it is not a... "

" ...gusy thought. have another t4 free and tsh test ...symtoms are lightheaded/off balance, blurry vision w/ eye floaters, muscle 1.92 from there.. t4 free 2.1 range: .8-2.1... "

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" ...using TSH with reflex t4 . My levels have loose weight , blurry vision and fatigue for over ...aren't abnormal? I also have family members with thyroid issues- Grandfather and cousi... "

" did you have your T4 tested too? I was diagnosed ...fatigue, feeling cold, low energy, blurry vision, hair loss, long cycles, etc.? a possibility that you are hypothyroid... "

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