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Blurred Vision

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(Vision blurred)
Blurred vision is an Human eye symptom...
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96,014 conversations around the web about Blurred Vision to help you make a decision
96,014 conversations around the web about Blurred Vision to help you make a decision
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Blurred Vision & Sinus Headaches

0.28% of the posts that mention Sinus Headaches also mention Blurred Vision (85 posts)
Sinus Headaches
Blurred Vision
We found 85 discussions
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" ...been taking Enbrel for a month now and have had a few headaches and blurry vision on and off ...come feel like sinus headaches which i occasionally ...lately. And the blurry vision comes and... "

" ...with nausea and vomiting, blurred vision , tonsils and pain ...few months I have had server sinus headaches with nausea and throwing up. ...with a bit of blurred vision periodically, EXPECT w... "

" ...I thought I had a sinus headache because it hurt behind my ...lean over. I also had blurry vision in my left eye. It ...down. No vision loss or blurriness. I won't do steroids for... "

Post from
" ...also have blurry vision when it's bad but when this passes, I get a nagging headache, concentrated over one eye. Apparently, some women do get migraine when ...hold for sinus headaches too). H... "

" ...eye started to get fuzzy blurred vision, I tried not to ...However, after it the blurred vision went I got a ...not really sure what a sinus headache feels like...of course I'm convincing... "

Post from
" ...may have sinus headaches. It sounds like it. ...should also try some sinus medication, like Tylenol-Sinus or a ...say ophthalmologist because you are experiencing the blurry vision with heada... "

" if I have a sinus headache!! This is especially bad in ...eliminating sugar, flour and yeast I am so much better but this aspect lingers ...change but people can get blurry vision and some... "

" ...I keep getting sinus headaches. The ones with ...and burning feeling! I have taken pain relief, what other things could help the pain from this? Of ...which is making my vision blurry and hav... "

" ...except I have had a cold that keeps lingering ...dizziness or extra tiredness, blurry vision. I have had some sinus headaches but definitely can tell they are sinus headaches. Yesterday, befor... "

" ...maybe prescribe steroids to shrink the nasal passages. I'm seeing double right now, blurry vision, sinus headache.... Sometimes a nasal flush will work wonders, just salt, and baking soda, an... "

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