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Blurred Vision

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(Vision blurred)
Blurred vision is an Human eye symptom...
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95,996 conversations around the web about Blurred Vision to help you make a decision
95,996 conversations around the web about Blurred Vision to help you make a decision
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Blurred Vision & Liver Enzymes

We found 93 discussions
" ...just got off of it because it elevated my liver enzymes beyond the cutoff point. It worked well for me ...and in my face. Also, it would make my vision blurry for about a week first thing in the... "

" I'm having issues on Methotrexate (liver enzymes shot up ...hydroxychloroquine as I was having blurred vision but it turned out the arthritis was causng that, get really dry eyes and mouth... "

" ...Effexor Mixter. The only thing I can say for sure is that it has improved but it has taken a very long time. I had the yellowing eyes on Effexor which has gone away since being off. I also had d... "

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" ...Benicar 40/12.5 10/07. Started noticing muscle aches, legs and fingers swelling immediately, put it off as being overweight. Then had dizziness, ringing in the ears, eye blurriness, tired all the... "

" ...elevated cholesterol. My liver enzymes were also elevated a little bit. I have a terrible metallic taste in my mouth and have been having blurred vision. They sent me ...that I have 2 nodules on... "

" ...for yourself. When I was on Serzone before, the doc that ...take me seriously about my blurred vision while on Serzone. He just ...insist that the doc take liver function test... "

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" I've experienced the blurred vision with my other medication (xoloft ...Efferox has raised my liver enzymes to a level that liver it shot? I've been suffering from depression for 9 years a... "

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" ...she is baffled by the liver enzymes. They are all of a it dropped this drastically.\" My headaches, heartburn, blurred vision, and brisk reflexes are all gone. It is a real... "

" ...felt like I was getting high, vision blurred for a second , heart ...blood test, asked for everything, liver enzymes, FSH, LH, cholestrol, RBC count ...absolutley think it was the winstrol, b... "

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" ...low, so they supplemented that. Despite my bp being out of control, the blurry vision, and the protein in the urine, he ...because my clotting tests and liver function tests were all normal. He... "

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