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Blurred Vision

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(Vision blurred)
Blurred vision is an Human eye symptom...
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96,245 conversations around the web about Blurred Vision to help you make a decision
96,245 conversations around the web about Blurred Vision to help you make a decision
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Blurred Vision & Heart Attack

0.41% of the posts that mention Blurred Vision also mention Heart Attack (395 posts)
Blurred Vision
Heart Attack
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Heart Attack
We found 395 discussions
" ...much abolished my fear of heart attack and have started training without ...eye started to get fuzzy blurred vision, I tried not to ...suceeded However, after it the blurred vision went I go... "

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" since 200 back in the 1980's he fell down and had a heart attack on the tread mill tok him righ into the ...yuo get dizzy alot and blurry vision and Heart Beats fast and... "

" breathe , then dizzy blurry vision begins and tingling hands and ...loudly and generally feel awful. I have been ...panic attack and insisted I was having a heart attack. Eventually I h... "

",i use to take it with depokate for 2 years ...get side effects from it blurred vision double and i see stary ...about 5 times for fake heart attacks till i started take ativan again.I do t... "

" My mother had a minor heart attack in 1995 and immediately quit ...the smallest amount makes her cough. As a result smoking ...the TV set through severely blurry vision, while I sit in my... "

" ...of recent onset blurry vision. Dilated exam reveals a branch retinal vein occlusion indicating out of control BP. I asked controlled. He was a heart attack/stroke waiting to happen... "

" ...ER was because I have a heart attack from a blod clot after ...aneroysm repaired I would have blurred vision like looking through a childs... "

" Coming Back! Well after a heart attack, and a 5 way bypass ...and shot a 300(NFAA) rd. My biggest problem has been the loss of sight(blurred vision in both eyes,dark spot in right). Dr's say it... "

" ...Sept 2013 I suffered a heart attack to which a stent ...symptoms then vanished the fatigue, blurred vision,chronic migraines, intolerance to sound I ...issue. Because i have alot of tinnitus ... "

" grim he can have a massive heart attack at any time they gave ...home from Dr on Monday, blurry vision, dizzy, not real feeling, cant ...strong for him but I am so tired, now everything is... "

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