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Blurred Vision

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(Vision blurred)
Blurred vision is an Human eye symptom...
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96,400 conversations around the web about Blurred Vision to help you make a decision
96,400 conversations around the web about Blurred Vision to help you make a decision
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Blurred Vision & Amphetamine

We found 75 discussions
" ...the sa side effects though:/ -blurry vision, sensitive to lights, didnt increase my depersonalization at all though an they can from a stimulant/amphetamin... "

" ...street, can produce heart palpitations, blurred vision, extended wakefulness, and damage to ...I. This synthetic drug has both hallucinogenic and amphetamine-like properties, and it also destroy... "

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" I did from my anxiety. Now at month 5 ...feel very much detached, with blurry vision and my perception has changed ...just snorted 4 lines of amphetamines 5 months ago and since... "

" ...a 15mg Mixed Amphetamine Salts tablet, used ...appetite, insomnia and blurred vision. You can read more about it here: http:/­/­­wiki/­Amphetamine/­ Is there anyt... "

" ...Mixed Amphetamine Salts ...and blurred vision. You can read more about it here: Is... "

" ...and gives a sort of blurry vision... Don't confuse that type of blurry vision with the type that comes from taking too much amphetamine/MDMA... Try staring at the lines... "

" .../ 4FA / 4FMP (4-fluoro-amphetamine) experiences Please add your experiences with 4-fluoro-amphetamine here. Please add dosage, ...4FA / 4FMP (4-fluoro-amphetamine) These documents about... "

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" Could attribute it to the pupil dilation associated with amphetamines, your eyes could be adjusting to levels of light ...window mid day may cause you to have a somewhat blurred vision. Just a... "

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" ...blood pressure may explain blurriness more. In general stimulants ...medication. Wikipedia say amphetamine can cause blurry vision. I was thinkin... "

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" ...come up as methamphetamine or amphetamine on a drug test. so ...on the other hand is like liquid ecstacy, triple vision, blurry vision, euphoria. its odorless and tasteless thats y its called... "

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