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Streptococcal Infection

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Streptococcus'' is a genus of sphere Gram-positive bacterium belonging to the phylum (biology) Firmicutes and the lactic acid bacteria...
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Common Streptococcal Infection treatments discussed around the web
Amoxicillin 3,006 Augmentin 2,235 Zithromax 1,322
185,749 conversations around the web about Streptococcal Infection to help you make a decision
185,749 conversations around the web about Streptococcal Infection to help you make a decision
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Blood Test & Streptococcal Infection

We found 5,398 discussions
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" ...was switched from augmentin to azith to treat the mycoplasma. He stayed on the azith for 5 weeks. We switched him back to augmentin last week because we have azith resistant strains of strep... "

" about 2 weeks. She gave me something for itching, my whole body itches out of control. She did the Strep B test and took a blood test to check my liver since... "

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" ...get him on Augmentin or Keflex. (regardless of results) There are too many resistant strains of strep to Azith......I have seen it fail in my region for strep over and over again...even in my... "

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" strep titers are over 800! I am not sick, never am. And I never get strep throat. Everyone else in the house has low titers, even Ian (PANDAS kid). It just seems very high to me. Is this anythin... "

" ...the bloodwork showed that I have strep, and it's pretty bad. I ended up getting a rash all around my body. I got a z-pack for antibiotics and some Tylenol with codein for pain and fever. I... "

Post from
" ...or strep throat.. took a blood test and did a strep colony test or w/e it ...Ended up the I had strep, gave me amoxicillin and after a few ...whether I had mono or strep, so I don't think you... "

Post from
" ...strep test which came back positive. Physician wrote me a scrip for Omnicef which I started immediately. Do I need to leave the house for a few days so my son won't be affected or just stay far a... "

" ...The strep went away and the arthritis stayed. He is now in treatment with a pediatric Rhuemy - but he remains very susceptible to strep. Also, ...rapid strep is not always accurate for him. H... "

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" ...these symptoms appeared. So my son was on clindamycin for a week, treating strep, before we had ...the blood test? Also, does anyone know of a doctor in Austin, or anywhere in Texas, that spe... "

" ...with Strep B. Given Penicillin. Permanent cure? I have a quick question. I know I have Strep B it was found ...test was done after Strep A was not what ...I actually do a blood test to check ... "

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