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Muscle Damage

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12,878 conversations around the web about Muscle Damage to help you make a decision
12,878 conversations around the web about Muscle Damage to help you make a decision
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Blood Test & Muscle Damage

We found 493 discussions
" ...can measure the amount of muscle damage incurred with a blood test measuring the enzym CPK. exercises ...high levels of cpk have the most muscle damage... "

" ...writing this post. She has pneumonia and possibly a fractured ...function is off and she is showing muscle damage in her bloodwork. Please keep her in your... "

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" \"mmary Serum myoglobin is a blood test used to determine the severity of muscle damage, such as damage to the ...mean that the patient has severe muscle damage somewhere in the body.... "

" ...blood test, statin, cardiologist, cardiologist whom I told that I had taken myself off of Lipitor. He had requested a blood test to see if there was real muscle damage...I am not convinc... "

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" At last after a Creatine Kinase blood test my GP has admitted that I have some muscle damage. Reluctantly he suggests that this was probably caused by the statin. This may... "

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" ...not want to order the blood test. I urge you to go ...has constant diarreah. That is old school. I have permanent nerve and muscle damage from gluten, and those symptoms presented way before ... "

" Saw the vet again this afternoon and her blood tests show that she has massive muscle damage and inflammation - vet thinking she may have spinal abcess. Because she is bright eyed and eating... "

" UPDATE ON MY MUSCLE DAMAGE,WE ALL NEED TO GET TOGETHER ...of problems. Even if your blood test comes back with normal CK this article says the muscle damage can occur even without a... "

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" ...she said it's probably muscle damage give it awhile (which is what they have been saying for 2 years) then she said I look pale maybe I'm anaemic and booked me a blood test, Receptionist phoned me ... "

" ...went to hospital and spent 3 hours having x-ray's, blood tests and injections (I liked the injection NO PAIN!!!!!!) I have caused muscle damage and everytime I move I injure it again, so... "

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