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Discoid Lupus

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(Lupus Erythematosus Discoid)
Discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE) is a chronic skin condition of sores with inflammation and scarring favoring the face, ears, and sca...
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Common Discoid Lupus treatments discussed around the web
Plaquenil 452 Prednisone 168 Methotrexate 69
5,840 conversations around the web about Discoid Lupus to help you make a decision
5,840 conversations around the web about Discoid Lupus to help you make a decision
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Blood Test & Discoid Lupus

We found 383 discussions
" ...countrylass - I have DLE and SLE and I was diagnosed with DLE first. Plaquenil could be very's used for both DLE and SLE and regardless ...just see how the blood tests come back. ... "

" ...lupus chat room, i have lupus discoid on my scalp and i am plaquenil, ive been diagnosed for 1 ...had to have more blood tests done as my dermy ...and also ive just had the combined flu and s... "

" ...with Discoid Lupus and I have an underactive thyroid and fibromyalgia. I have suffered in the past with joint pain, painfull feet and hands and it has taken 1 and a half years for the... "

" ...(I was on Clobetosol) helped . I have facial scarring. I can honestly tell you that for us DLE folks, sun avoidance is key. Sunscreen, tinted windows in the car, long sleeves etc. It is the new... "

" ...plaquenil and mepacrine will still be taken this medicine, also donna thanks for your reply, i guess your rite all them are toxic its figureing out which is the less of 2 evils i guess, and lets ho... "

" ...age 20 that I have discoid lupus. I have been on all medications like Dapsone, Plaquenil, prednisone, Cellcept that worked, but ...tested negative for lupus on blood work. But after an upper res... "

" ...had a biopsy and blood test and are now treating it as lupus. Anyone else out there have a youngster diagnosed with discoid lupus? We have not seen a rheumotologist yet--started with our pediat.... "

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" ...plaquenil. I seem to have other symptoms and a gluten sensitivity. I was thinking about trying vitamin d increases in small doses over time with a liquid type. Kombuchababy-I have experienced many... "

" ...had DLE and it was just of the skin. I had no other symptoms like yourself. I was put on Plaquenil and given steriod cream and it faded in less then two weeks, so was told to come off the Plaquenil... "

" ...for the info. i have only been dignosed with discoid lupus all my blood work has been neg. but ...took me off, i have been realy confused with this.... "

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