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Blood Pressure + Valerian Root

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166 conversations around the web about Blood Pressure + Valerian Root to help you make a decision
166 conversations around the web about Blood Pressure + Valerian Root to help you make a decision
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Blood Pressure & Valerian Root

We found 166 discussions
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" ...same problem after taking valerian root. At first, I took ...didn't work. I had a hard time falling asleep, slept poorly, and didn't sleep for very long. My blood pressure also seemed to increas... "

" ...they aren't for us. Seizure meds and BP meds treat this too. But we also have anxiety that we must work ...remedies have you tried? Me--kava, valerian root, chamomile tea, i think passionflowe... "

" ...have taken valerian root to help me sleep. ...I take medication for. Valerian root lowering blood pressure may help me. So bad reactions with valerian root other than possible nightm... "

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" ...PVC's till the end, her BP sometimes spiked at the doctor's ...back then there was no BP meds like now a days. ...told me, and her severe BP spikes for 30 yrs. Speaking... "

" ...restless legs. Because it's a blood pressure medication, some people get very tired when they take it ...the counter, there's benedryl, melatonin, valerian root and chamomile tea - each... "

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" My BP raised quite a bit at a pill daily 2 tsp chlorophyll 2-3x daily Valerian root capsules 1-2x daily. Doing this I lowered my BP from 133/89 average to 111/79 average in only one... "

" ...I was given Ambien which works ...taking Benadryl(have to be careful because it can elavate the blood pressure up). So far this has been working for me. Before, I used to take valerian root and... "

" Quote: I've taken valerian root in a capsule form and ...machine! Recently I've been taking the benadryl because my nose stops ...for me. But I monitor my bp regularly. Good Luck... "

" ...the liquid melatonin; I'll bet it was a little scary having that dizzy spell. I'm ...awhile, that contained valerian root. I may try ...(adrenals) and keeping blood pressure lower, too.... "

" ...very mildly effective similarly to valerian root - except unlike valerian root, it seemed to raise my blood pressure and heart rate to dangerous ...up and walking made my heart pound so hard tha... "

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