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(Herpes zoster)
Herpes zoster (or simply zoster), commonly known as shingles and also known as zona, is a viral disease characterize...
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Common Shingles treatments discussed around the web
Valtrex 2,853 Acyclovir 2,305 Lyrica 1,410
153,376 conversations around the web about Shingles to help you make a decision
153,376 conversations around the web about Shingles to help you make a decision
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Blood Pressure & Shingles

We found 786 discussions
" ...but were resolved with blood pressure medicine). The tingling I ...the doc right away. I've been on acyclovir since my transplant, specifically to prevent shingles. From what I understand,... "

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" Came down with a case of shingles earlier this year and while getting treatment for that the doc advised that my bp was too high. I have ...@ 6 months and bp is good; however the dry cough... "

" Has anyone ever tried Zona for lowering blood pressure? I heard something about it on the radio last night and looked it up this morning. It's... "

" ...complications with his kidneys and blood pressure when he was treated for shingles while he had leukemia. He saw both Dr.... "

" in a comma, has shingles and kidneys are failing and blood pressure is dropping. They are giving her anti-biotics, pumping oxygen into her blood and... "

" Wow, rough crowd! I used the Zona Plus and lowered my blood pressure to about 130/78 (it varies a bit). More importantly ...uses it to raise his blood pressure while in treatment, and ... "

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" ...via agent and i have already contracted shingles! my blood pressure is high and i now have an abnormally high cholesterol count! my hair is falling out in chunks and i... "

" ...crowded either! I am 46. The only med I take is valtrex to prevent shingles. It is possible that my transplant (rosacea and dermatitis). My blood pressure used to be very high... "

" ...shingles. Using diovan. Is my BP and pulse rate normal? ..., exercising and have had a strong shingles and now cured and have no pain ...160mg/12.5mg 2 a day. My blood pressure today is Sys.1... "

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" I have been using the Zona Plus for a year. My BP was 155/99 with meds; now 125/80 with less meds. It take about 6 weeks to see an improvment. You need to be religious about using it and learning the... "

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