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Foot Cramps

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Ask a question
6,458 conversations around the web about Foot Cramps to help you make a decision
6,458 conversations around the web about Foot Cramps to help you make a decision
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Blood Pressure & Foot Cramps

We found 65 discussions
" ...with a higher protein/fat diet, my adrenals appeared to do better.....I am going to minerals (I'm having foot cramps tonight because I keep ...the bright side, my blood pressure is nice... "

" ...op and almost from the very beginning I had horrendous leg and foot cramps. I would swear someone was walking up to me just as bad. My blood pressure was extremely low (80/45) and... "

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" My BP has dropped to a normal ...I also have dizzy spells. Severe lower leg/foot cramps. After reading the... "

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" ...Bystolic about 1yr ago. ...effects appeared severe headaches, bp is not controlled, sinus problems, leg and foot cramps, disturbed sleep and weir... "

" ...knee braces. I had chondromalacia patellae from fencing and ...could only eliminate the foot cramps that I get that I think are due t... "

" I developed leg/foot cramps about three months into Paleo. Usually happened at night, ...used it daily every since. I think it helped my BP as... "

" deal with foot cramps is sitting and legs from going numb. my blood work comes back fine but my blood pressure is high. on meds... "

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" ...BPM, she is 69, blood pressure is normally around 135/78. She takes a blood pressure pill lisinopril, she is not over weight and healthy otherwise but she also gets foot cramps when she retires for... "

" ...Another option, are you on blood pressure medication?? When my blood pressure got too low from blood pressure medication, it also made my ...slowly but very hard. Foot cramps can be from lack... "

" chance take a magnesium supplement? I ...magnesium supplement consistently lowers my BP by approximately 10 to ...advantages, such as eliminating leg/foot cramps, breathing problems, etc.... "

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