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Blood In My Urine

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hematuria, or haematuria, is the presence of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the urine. It may be idiopathic and/or Benignity,...
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50,574 conversations around the web about Blood In My Urine to help you make a decision
50,574 conversations around the web about Blood In My Urine to help you make a decision
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Blood In My Urine & Shingles

0.08% of the posts that mention Blood In My Urine also mention Shingles (39 posts)
Blood In My Urine
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" I was diagnosed with shingles on 1/3/14 and put on the anti virus drug Famvir. 5 days later had blood in urine, and told to discontinue use. body, and so shingles keep forming (now around... "

" ...year old husband has shingles - really just a ...over, pushed in his large hernia and put band ...just found out he has blood in urine. Could these symptoms be connected with a patch of shin... "

" ...bath gives temporary relief. Also, when oxytocin levels are high, I get temporary relief as well. I have had full blood/urine tests. I have a defect ...levels. Will look into Shingles after... "

" ...and blood in urine. He also just had shingles down ...that he's responding so well to Abraxine Gemzar. Folfox did NOT work at all on him Let me know if anyone has had kidney problems. Were... "

" ...had shingles hi i have been ...a week really flared up,and blood in my urine i now have a patch ...may be shingles.has anyone had shingles with lupus,i think ... "

" ...had a medical abortion 3 weeks ...but I have sharp intense pains in my ...areas. I also had a small amount of blood in my urine recently. I visited a physician, and they suggested shingles bu... "

" can postherpetic neuralgia (shingles pain) spread? I have phn from shingles on my right side of my back, very painful,burning was fine, although there was a trace of blood in my urine.... "

" ...(two years after 23 years of polyarthritis) fibromyalgia (23 years), and more recently shingles (three weeks ago). I have had hematuria in my urine four times is NOT my usual pain. It ... "

" ...of your urinary problem. I have been passing blood in my urine ever since my tx nearly ...avail. Just a thought, as Herpes Zoster (shingles) is a mutation of Herpes... "

" ...doing many long walks, with a few gentle jogs in between. Still got bad 'shingles' in shoulders, and blood in urine, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I try... "

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