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Blood In My Stool

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(Blood in stool)
blood in stool can refer to multiple conditions: * Melena, with more blackish appearance, originating in upper parts of the gastrointe...
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21,913 conversations around the web about Blood In My Stool to help you make a decision
21,913 conversations around the web about Blood In My Stool to help you make a decision
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Blood In My Stool & Lupus

0.24% of the posts that mention Blood In My Stool also mention Lupus (53 posts)
Blood In My Stool
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We found 53 discussions
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" ...also have Lupus and taking prednisone. I ...on medication. Even with pain around a constant 7. Is this how my life will always be with this condition and can I do anything to get even some ... "

" ...effects Hi I dont have Lupus (but am being tested for it), but I have started taking Plaquenil for my ...noticed I had bloody stools. I've stopped them ...with continued use of etodolac (lod... "

" I'm 18 with lupus... Hi I'm 18 and I was diagnosed with lupus in the 7th grade. Recently ...ago I started getting these throbbing pains in my abs. ...and I now have blood in my stool. I am also ... "

" ...bruise happen. I also had started seeing blood in my stool. You will have to have your stool. I have lupus and it took having blood in my stool, along with all the bruises... "

" like over 95% of lupus patient do not get blood ...issues, but in the 26 years that I've had lupus I've never had blood in my stool, nor have I talked to anyone who has. Sorry,... "

" ...leave it at that I know this patient that was cured of lupus and IBS by this doctor's ...pain, fatigue, D, urgency, bloody stool and my inflammatory... "

" are stomache uclers common in lupus anticogulant? Didnt want to be ...but i continue to have bright red blood in my stool ( sorry) I am not... "

" ...on a ANA test? I have mouth/nose sores, recurring low grade fever, heart palpitations, chest pains, blood in stool, asthma. I... "

Post from
" stools . Also had blood in stool . Went to Rheummy he ...I have fibromyalgia ,and possible lupus . Any ideas on what ...Also getting pelvic done,I have endometriosis... "

" ...Lupus and Pancreatitis. Was wondering if this could be Crohns instead of the mulitiple things they think is wrong with me????? Been in ...asking me about blood in my stool and different things..... "

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