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Blood Disorder

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Hematologic diseases are disorders which primarily affect the blood...
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13,573 conversations around the web about Blood Disorder to help you make a decision
13,573 conversations around the web about Blood Disorder to help you make a decision
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Blood Disorder & Leiden Factor V

3.1% of the posts that mention Leiden Factor V also mention Blood Disorder (14 posts)
Leiden Factor V
Blood Disorder
We found 14 discussions
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" ...have a blood disorder called leiden factor v, this disorder causes clots to form in the blood stream. Because of this i'm unable to take birth control. My question is if I take coumadin (a... "

" ...factor v leiden deficiency hi im a ...has had two pulmonary emboli in the past four years. im on warfarin now for life. i have a blood disorder called factor v leiden deficiency. has anyboby el... "

" ...out. No I cannot take any type of hormone due to a blood disorder. Leiden factor v, and lupus anticoaugulalnt factor..My blood clots...too much. when your cervix... "

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" I have had three m/c in 16 months. One in my 15th week, ...husband and I; we have learned that I have a blood disorder called Leiden factor V that causes me to clot in the placenta... "

Post from
" ...Hello, I am 33 weeks pregnant and just diagnosed with Factor V leiden deficiency. I have to get more tests ran to make ...heard that women with this blood disorder are more likely to have... "

Post from
" ...might consider having a blood test to confirm contributing factors such as a blood disorder. For me, at 44, it was discovered that I have Leiden Factor V. This came through my father's side. Good... "

" ...blood disorder that causes clotting. Usually they just tell you to take baby aspirin, but I'm highly allergic. And the dr says the allergy risk out weighs the disorder risks. So we;re just doing no... "

" ZuZu, I have a condition called Factor V Leiden Deficiency, which causes my blood to clot too fast. The docs think (but are ...feel I could go through it all, ya know? What is your blood disord... "

" ...hands - but, hey, I'm an Aries I have the Leiden Factor V blood disorder so I have won the battle of not having ...vaccination & kids just got the mumps & measles as part... "

" ...we have the same blood disorder? I have protein s deficiency and Leiden factor V. Currently just taking aspirin.... "

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