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Blood Clots

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(Blood Clot)
Common Blood Clots treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 14,450 Coumadin 10,148 Heparin 9,391
454,077 conversations around the web about Blood Clots to help you make a decision
454,077 conversations around the web about Blood Clots to help you make a decision
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Blood Clots & Feeling Sick

2.13% of the posts that mention Blood Clots also mention Feeling Sick (9,656 posts)
Blood Clots
Feeling Sick
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Feeling Sick
We found 9,657 discussions
" ...keep you from having them done. did you have blood clots when you first got sick? i did twice and so the warfarin. plus a family history of clots. i am up to every 3 wks for INR... "

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" ...I learned. I was only 14 years old so I couldnt take birth control pills back then. Later I would have back to back periods and pass huge blood clots that required ...make me feel sick to my... "

" ...treatment and then he got sick and was laying His neurosurgeon believes he had developed a blood clot and had a pulmonary embolism. They had stopped his heprin once he got out... "

" ...the surgery site, it's my secondary problem. I really need a few surgeries but my dr told me I was too risky this time. I need a knee job too and a hysterectomy. I have seizures and on coumadin. I... "

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" ...been given injections in my tummy while in hospital to prevent blood clots but they ...are fine but found they really hurt when being si "

" ...know about leukemia but i know when people are so sick they do put them in ...they are working on her clots as they have heparin and other meds for that.... "

" hurry up! Been feeling sick but luckily not really been sick :) Although I am having to inject Clexane daily due to blood clot in my lung 2 ...pill!) so I have a sore and bruis... "

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" ...can return. My mother had a blood clot in her leg and she got real sick with a high fever and that is how they found it. She took coumadin also but she never stopped... "

" ...received Gardasil shots and then experienced severe side affects attributed to borth control? Specifically, my daughter got all-three Gardasil shots, got sick as a ...Nuvaring, got blood clots ... "

" ...the same way - get sick from anesthesia every time I ...going into the surgery!! I had to put on these ugly mesh underwear, some support hosiery to prevent blood clots in my legs, and the... "

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