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Blood Clots

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(Blood Clot)
Common Blood Clots treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 14,423 Coumadin 10,101 Heparin 9,371
452,846 conversations around the web about Blood Clots to help you make a decision
452,846 conversations around the web about Blood Clots to help you make a decision
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Blood Clots & Coughing Up Blood

2.69% of the posts that mention Coughing Up Blood also mention Blood Clots (452 posts)
Coughing Up Blood
Blood Clots
We found 452 discussions
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" ...took me off Warfarin after 6 months despite the fact that (please excuse unpleasantness) I was sometimes coughing up blood clots. Since then I ...Tremadol and Aqueous Cream! Doesn't help you muc... "

" ...several clots in my veins , none in lungs that we know of.. I have had hemoptysis which is very frightening so I know how you feel about that. When have a bleed they do hold the... "

" ...clot surrounding my picc line. After being placed on coumadin, I also started coughing up blood all the time--NO FUN! Anyway, just to give you hope, once the picc line was pulled I was allowed to... "

" Oct 2005. I was coughing up blood, having weird cllergic ...diagnosed with Lupus. Apparently I have been prone to clots for ever and me being on Birth control triggered the clots. my clots ca... "

" ...prior to my CF dx, I did have blood clots to my lungs...I am still on coumadin because I am at high risk of developing more of them. It is scary, I have had mild hemoptysis, usually with infections... "

Post from
" I feel horrible & now am coughing up blood clots the size of golf balls. So my neighbor told me I needed to... "

Post from
" ...right maxillay sinus...n high attenuated collection seen in the right maxillary sinus\" n i am coughing blood( clot)what should be the remedy??is it danger??? or cause any... "

" My mom was bleeding from her nose mouth amd eyes this morning. She was also coughing up blood clots. She lives in hawaii on a small island called... "

Post from
" ...typical VA care again. You should probably still be in the hospital with PE, & if still coughing up blood clots for sure. I would bug them... "

" ...adam just emailed to say his gran has been taken into hospital with nosebleeds n coughing up blood clots....she has been transferred to manchester.... "

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