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Blood Clots

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(Blood Clot)
Common Blood Clots treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 14,450 Coumadin 10,148 Heparin 9,391
453,812 conversations around the web about Blood Clots to help you make a decision
453,812 conversations around the web about Blood Clots to help you make a decision
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Blood Clots & Banana

We found 316 discussions
" ...for you. I had heavy bleeding with large clots(size of an apple & banana) from 7-14 weeks. They... "

" ...tomorrow please. You don't want to be eating a banana and find out you're having a blood clot... "

Post from
" ...upping my orange juice and banana intake. but you might want those kinds of symptoms sometimes can be blood clots... "

" ...belly...I have a \"banana\" roll above my ...and athletic person...I did have a blood clot under incis... "

Post from
" ...then goes down like a banana. It also goes slightly to ...fix it but i got a blood clot from trying so...... "

" ...powder and make shakes-add a banana for a little extra boost, ...straw-the sucking can dislodge any blood clots and cause you to get dry socket. ... "

" ...losing weight I have had to cut down on fructose.... in fruits limiting ...pineapple, oranges and grapefruits,,, banana .. also some people ...of other m... "

Post from
" back to eating banana's them.. I kinda went off ...:) definatly dont want clots... "

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" and had some pretty big clots. I heard the ...the size of a banana. They ended up giving me 5 different medications to control it. I had terrible cramping until I wa... "

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" ...about the clots, worried, did you have very large clots? Mine must have been about half a banana... "

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