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(Abdominal bloating)
Tympanites , also known as meteorism, is a medical condition in which excess gas accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract...
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Common Bloating treatments discussed around the web
Deca 14,054 Arimidex 8,541 Probiotic 4,768
1,473,767 conversations around the web about Bloating to help you make a decision
1,473,767 conversations around the web about Bloating to help you make a decision
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Bloating & Zinc Deficiency

0.34% of the posts that mention Zinc Deficiency also mention Bloating (23 posts)
Zinc Deficiency
We found 23 discussions
" ...has had bloating, nausea, abd pain, and they told him it was a zinc deficiency,and two days later after starting big zinc doses, he was fine...maybe ask the pharmacist?? supposedly, zinc helps... "

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" ...zinc (18umol/L is the healthy control average in low gluten societies) you are more likely to be able to handle gluten. in my case i used to have horrible bloating after eating bread. it was... "

" ...My stomach bloating ...from the article on protocol: \"For severe zinc deficiency, I recommend using two tablets, three times a day for eight weeks; then reduce the dose progressively over four... "

" ...allowed me to match my symptoms to zinc deficiency. I started taking a zinc supplement weekly last March and ...than a week, and the bloating and pain are now almost... "

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" ...of smell Just posting to say that even though I am nearly 1.5 years into treatment and bladder is generally better, I still suffer from bloating and we are ...more deficient in zinc than I alrea... "

" ...interesting: I have both a tmj problem and an ...i have a zinc deficiency though but i'm ...route. i'm getting bloating and god kno... "

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" meat and occationally oysters and even supplementing with zinc tablets and the white spots keep coming. Im not sure what else i can do about it. I've never totally gotten rid of it... "

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" do with a zinc deficiency. My nails seem ok, I don't have much bloating, etc.. Matia has never mentioned zinc deficiency to me but she asks about my nails, hair, bloating at every appt.. I... "

" ...a bit of salt, I bloat up. Water retention is a ...right now. Last summer I was losing weight at a frightening rate, ...questioning if I have a zinc deficiency. I just don't know. Anyone... "

" ...acid: H Pylori, Candida overgrowths, zinc deficiency, B1 deficiency, over eating and ...much carbohydrate relative to protein. I've noticed my digestive ...I typically always feel bloated, g... "

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