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(Abdominal bloating)
Tympanites , also known as meteorism, is a medical condition in which excess gas accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract...
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Common Bloating treatments discussed around the web
Deca 14,010 Arimidex 8,530 Probiotic 4,732
1,464,436 conversations around the web about Bloating to help you make a decision
1,464,436 conversations around the web about Bloating to help you make a decision
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Bloating & Iron Deficiency Anemia

0.67% of the posts that mention Iron Deficiency Anemia also mention Bloating (68 posts)
Iron Deficiency Anemia
We found 68 discussions
" ...periods, stomach bloating. On treatment active 17 year old scholar student and going through treatment for iron deficiency anemia and blood ...meantime experiencing bloating and gas; no... "

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" ...running. IV ran for about an hour. Once I got home it was hard to sleep, my stop was bloated which caused me to have a lot of gas. I was i pain in my legs I felt horrible the whole weekend it was... "

" ...iron supplements Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum, but I just came across it and I need some help: I work out about 5-6 days a week (mostly cardio, weights & pilates). Usually, my abs are pre... "

" this? I'm getting so bloated and cramped then nauseas and ...laying down. I'm also having sore veins pop up in ...going to faint. I have iron deficient anemia as well. Is this all... "

" ...april i was diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia and put on alloha ...was taking alloha my period was thick and ...Since completing the pregnacare I have been uncomfortably bloated all the ... "

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" ...diagnosed with Celiac. After I went gluten free all the bloating and puffiness in my face and lower stomach went away along with the 5 ...thats good for my iron deficient anemia, but not the... "

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" 2 children: ages 13 and 10. I was diagnosed after 6 years of Iron Deficiency Anemia: and severe bloating. I cannot grasp enough information from my kids on their GI symptoms either... "

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" ...for RA, chronic constipation and iron-def anemia. So, I'll be happy to ...problems. But the last few days I've been having a lot of bloating and swelling (especially in my legs). Is this ... "

" ...experienced minor side effects like bloating, gas and mild cramps but nothing serious until last week when I collapsed and was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. I eat a well balanced... "

" ...that is often due to iron deficiency anemia. I've got to wonder if ...and malnutrition and with your weight loss, I'm guessing you're deficient ...your doctor. With your bloating, I also wo... "

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