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(Abdominal bloating)
Tympanites , also known as meteorism, is a medical condition in which excess gas accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract...
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Common Bloating treatments discussed around the web
Deca 13,984 Arimidex 8,522 Probiotic 4,722
1,462,498 conversations around the web about Bloating to help you make a decision
1,462,498 conversations around the web about Bloating to help you make a decision
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Bloating & Floating Stools

5.51% of the posts that mention Floating Stools also mention Bloating (127 posts)
Floating Stools
We found 127 discussions
" ...have used Questran. Since I've been on two sachets I'm getting floating stools & looking on the net there seems to be a correlation with this. 2nd question, I'm still feeling bloated on two... "

" ...stools, bloating post treatment for a row. Good got rid of it. maybe? my stool still floats and i feel bloated a year later. i seems uninterested in floating stools but i feel... "

" ...he would be very sick if he did... He has been complaining of stomach pain, gets bloated, has floating stools and regressed with bowel control. What other symptoms did... "

" ...trial and error. It really depends on your pancreatic function, and that can change over time. When I started I overdosed substantially and had extreme ...floating stools or diarrhoea and bloati... "

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" ...I'll keep eating and get extremely bloated even though I feel full, ...depressed, as well as having floating stools. Among other things, my skin ...their stuff. I have taken Lugol's as well ... "

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" ...waters for awhile instead of soda. Recently started having very loose, fatty, stools with cramping and bloating (not bad, just persistent). I've ruled just about everything... "

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" ...them since going on IP or even while in P4) was a feeling of being bloated, ALL the time, and floating stools. One of the reasons I probably haven't experienced those now is because so... "

" ...stools are usually due to excessive gas. Do you get bloating, wind and stomach... "

" ...experiencing severe stomach pain, bloating, gas, noisy intestines, stool ...worsened. Antacids don't help, Nexium didn't help, Gas-ex didn't ...night. Now I have loose floating stools with mu... "

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" ...on esomeprazole yes. I did have a small blockage but that has since cleared. I still have this bloated feeling though. I reduced my creon by 1 ...end up having fatty stools or diarrhoea, th... "

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