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(Abdominal bloating)
Tympanites , also known as meteorism, is a medical condition in which excess gas accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract...
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Common Bloating treatments discussed around the web
Deca 13,983 Arimidex 8,518 Probiotic 4,708
1,461,576 conversations around the web about Bloating to help you make a decision
1,461,576 conversations around the web about Bloating to help you make a decision
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Bloating & Crohn's Disease

1.36% of the posts that mention Crohn's Disease also mention Bloating (3,919 posts)
Crohn's Disease
We found 3,919 discussions
" ...intestine and they're making me as uncomfortable as the Crohn's was. My GI thinks my Crohn's is under control, but I'm still bloated and cramping after eating so I'm thinking it's due... "

" ...have got crohn's disease and have been soon as possible. The whole thing is mking me extremely uncomfortable, and anyone with the tip that will relieve me from the bloatedness will be eter... "

" ...and pain, have crohns,had resection several years ago,taking azacol daily,remicade infusions every 8weeks for the last three years.recently,about six months,started bloating,anything I ate,... "

" ...I have been on entocort but had a mc while on it. now on colozol and rowasa. Well I am not having any bm's. Feel totally bloated. I am taking milk of mag, have taken a dulcolax and have... "

" ...bloated. We don't know why, and it's not a long list. So she just stays away from those foods. (She's not that upset about staying away from spinach and most fish is contaminated anyway.) I'm pre... "

" ...Has anyone had a MRI scan with Gadolinium contrast dye? And how did it go? I'm currently on humira and although its work great for my crohns I've started experiencing bloating after eating... "

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" ...a bar!! She has Crohn's Disease and has battled bloating and pain for awhile. It is believed mine is IBS (I've been through ALL the tests and nothing is determined). Gas-X works for me... "

" ...probiotic, but it isnt cheap, but I heard in the states if you double the dose a prescription can be used and insurance will cover it. Not sure about that one. I also use gingerforce from New Cha... "

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" the lack of control with crohns is horrendous...i couldn't trust a fart it was so and i would have a bloated tummy and horrendous pa... "

" ...sis has chron's and she had ...treatment regimine also it's usually just a six week treatment schedule to get it under control yes, she had bloat, not... "

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