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blister is a small pocket of fluid within the upper layers of the skin, typically caused by forceful rubbing (friction), burning, free...
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Common Blisters treatments discussed around the web
Foot Powder 281 Antifungal 246 Dr Scholl's 246
418,896 conversations around the web about Blisters to help you make a decision
418,896 conversations around the web about Blisters to help you make a decision
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Blisters & Teeth Removed

0.14% of the posts that mention Teeth Removed also mention Blisters (48 posts)
Teeth Removed
We found 48 discussions
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" ...right side, after the last tooth there. I had my wisdom teeth removed as a teenager (am now 40) It does not appear to be a blister, not clear, looks like gum... "

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" ...Acid One of the possible side effects have been stated as mouth ulcers. I get a minor blister's where the skin comes ...of time (to ensure that i am not open to possible tooth loss if the gums... "

" ...jaw after removing the tooth. Blisters present. What to do? I ...the left side of my bottom teeth removed for dentures today. I have ...gum line, is filled with blister looking things filled ... "

" ...tongue resulting in the blister. That is a painful situation to have on top of having 3 teeth removed in addition to it! The blister will have to ...other mouth sores or blisters. Be diligent... "

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" ...four she started to get infections and blisters on her gum above the front teeth. She had both teeth removed (by the dentist - local ...coming out as the more infections that take place the... "

" ...the worst being foot problems (blister like pain and thickening of skin). Prior to starting sutent, I had dental and ...and I decided to have all remaining teeth removed. I do believe I avoide... "

" ...the toughest being base problems (blister-like discomfort and thickening of skin). before you start sutent, I'd dental and gum ...I chose to have all remaining teeth removed. I do think I... "

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" ...who have had all their teeth removed) I am not comforted that ...screws. I have had five tumors removed in the ...Also, it seems to have made the lower front area blistered or raw. I will... "

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" ...little lingering cough. I'm taking a Tylenol cold med for that). Sunday ...the dr to get the blister drained and the dead ...have bad news!\" Grrrrrrr. I had my wisdom teeth removed last year... "

" ...of my teeth. The infection spreads along the periodontal ligament ...own (I, too, popped the blister!). It didn't. I didn't know ...and I had to have four teeth removed, instead of only the o... "

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