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blister is a small pocket of fluid within the upper layers of the skin, typically caused by forceful rubbing (friction), burning, free...
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Common Blisters treatments discussed around the web
Foot Powder 281 Antifungal 246 Dr Scholl's 246
418,950 conversations around the web about Blisters to help you make a decision
418,950 conversations around the web about Blisters to help you make a decision
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Blisters & Stretch Marks

0.09% of the posts that mention Stretch Marks also mention Blisters (268 posts)
Stretch Marks
We found 267 discussions
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" ...Peel Blisters Hey guys, I did a 50% TCA peel a few days ago in an attempt to get rid of some stretch marks. I've actually got a few blisters now and... "

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" ...on our backs. My tummy is soooooo sunburnt my stretch marks have blistered! and the only way i can lay is on my back, but then my butt goes numb. Oh the joys of... "

" I also have blisters on my stretch marks. And all of them. They itch so bad i could cry. They are ...Mine are red and feel like hives on my stretch marks only. I am going to try the olive oil... "

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" ...the PEP rash and itch like CRAZY. I have little blisters and bumps all over my stretch marks and need to smother myself in calamine lotion every hour or so. I would therefore... "

" ...same concern! I have a couple deep stretch marks right around the ...and sometimes they get little blood blis... "

" ...I scared anyone with my stretch marks yet? So glad they will fade!! Poor Em still has blisters. she is wearing a sposie... "

" ...So not only do I have stretch marks on my belly... But now I have a massive hell and I have 4 blisters the sizeOf quarter... "

" stretch it. i have stretch marks from a previous pregnancy that ...and this babys stretchign has caused some blood blisters... "

" ...usually around ?1.99. It is brilliant at cooling your skin, soothing it & preventing blistering & peeling. I got also good for stretch marks (apparently) as it soothes them & stops them... "

" stretch marks I got my first stretch marks 2 weeks ago. The stretch marks are on the underside of ...I noticed that the stretch marks on the right side ...and seem to feel blistered. I have be... "

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