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blister is a small pocket of fluid within the upper layers of the skin, typically caused by forceful rubbing (friction), burning, free...
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Common Blisters treatments discussed around the web
Foot Powder 279 Antifungal 245 Dr Scholl's 244
416,317 conversations around the web about Blisters to help you make a decision
416,317 conversations around the web about Blisters to help you make a decision
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Blisters & C-Section

We found 619 discussions
" old with mouth blisters? Tanner was born the ...I just noticed he has small white blisters on the inside bottom of ...I did have a c-section so I wa... "

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" ...happen when I had my c-section with DS, except I had blisters and badly cut skin. The pain was horrible. Use milk of magnesia to heal it faster.... "

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" ...but mine was a emergency c-section. Why are they telling you ...on your tummy, it caused blisters that really hurt more than anything else. GL,... "

" ...because whenever I have anything taped to me (IV, c-section scar, tattoo bandage, etc.) I get blisters and a rash. And the itching (from the tape)... "

" ...birth is better lah 'cos c-section takes longer to heal. Besides, u can't feel anything with epidural. Hope your blisters heal well, poor girl. PVL, same as you, I... "

" be able to BF because I had a c-section and had to be knocked out and awoke a ...ate well from the first feeding. I did get blistered nipples but they healed completely by day 10 and... "

" ...- Sounds like Zoey is doing great. DD had jaundice but we got to treat her at home ...I'm allergic to the tape too. After my last c-section, I had blisters from the tape when they took my bandag... "

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" ...something odd. I had a c-section almost four years ago. My ...but in the last week I noticed I have a pea-sized lump, blister?, over the end of the scar. Should I be... "

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" ...a bad reaction to the tape used after their c-section? My dr. had bandaged me up and then taped me up for support and I got terrible blisters from the tape. When I asked if that meant... "

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" ...c-section anyone here have ...and i just had my first outbreak of blisters last week.i heard u need a c-section if uhave it?i was just wondering when wouldi have the c-section.i am 18 weeks toda... "

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