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Blighted Ovum

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Common Blighted Ovum treatments discussed around the web
Cytotec 521 Misoprostol 327 Prometrium 239
54,027 conversations around the web about Blighted Ovum to help you make a decision
54,027 conversations around the web about Blighted Ovum to help you make a decision
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Blighted Ovum & Egg

We found 2,152 discussions
" Thanks everyone. Glad to hear from you. Last cycle was terrible for me. I had a blighted ovum(egg took but no baby grew) and I cried for 2 days when AF showed. What hurt worse... "

" ...writing to HCM Sorry to say that you have condition called as blighted ovum. It is the condition in which fertilized egg doesn't develop into embryo. Your doctor has rightly suggested... "

" ...your loss. Both of my m/c were diagnosed as due ...ovulation and a poor quality egg because of the late O. My 2nd loss was a blighted ovum, as you described your loss... "

" ...sac, they had ne come back the next week same thing. I had a \"blighted ovum\". Where the sperm fertilized the egg but the baby never developed. With this pregnancy I went in at... "

" ...from the date of your last period. Sadly, it does sound like a chemical pregnancy/blighted ovum--a pregnancy, a real pregnancy, but ...a problem with the particular egg or sperm. Hoping ... "

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" ...what it was was a blighted ovum. and ive looked it up ...its cuz of a bad egg or sperm. and considering i had a m/c in november also. im... "

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" Yes, I had that happen to me. I was told it was called a \"blighted ovum\". The egg fertilised, implanted then stopped forming. I was told my body was \"tricked\" into thinking it was... "

" It's when there is an abnormality with the egg at fertilization, and although a gestational sac develops and ...pole or yolk sac. I had a blighted ovum in January 04 and had... "

" I had a blighted ovum my first pregnancy. And I'm sorry to tell you ...developing because there was a genetic problem with the egg. So sorry for your bad news mama! If it's... "

" ...I am TTC after a d&c that I had in Jan. I had a blighted ovum. Nothing developed beyond a fertilized egg. It implanted and then nothing happened. Never even saw a yold sac. It... "

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