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Bleeding, technically known as hemorrhaging or haemorrhaging (see American and British English spelling differences number...
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Common Bleeding treatments discussed around the web
Provera 7,084 Mirena 5,477 Pitocin 2,872
2,429,129 conversations around the web about Bleeding to help you make a decision
2,429,129 conversations around the web about Bleeding to help you make a decision
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Bleeding & Knee Replacement

We found 346 discussions
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" ...and I had double knee replacement surgery on September 25, the Nsaids to prevent bleeding problems. My rhumy pain. I wonder if it can be taken with Nsaids safely,anyone?? Anyw... "

" ...My hubby went through 6 knee surgeries last year, the longest being a total knee replacement. He had bleeding issues, then the surgery time itself, plus post op then pain management after,... "

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" drain, but a partial knee replacement. It's not so bad, a ...think it is a good thing personally. I had a LR years ago that bled into the joint, believe me you don't want ... "

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" iv'e just had an Oxford knee replacement Dec 7th 2009. My leg ...i was in hospital it bled a lot they had a job to stop the bleeding.Help how long before i see... "

" my IBS and not UC. One of my reasons ...because I have to have the bleeding under control - virtually gone - to have knee replacement surgery and wondering how we... "

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" ...52 & have arthritis pretty much every ...had 2 neck operations,1 knee replacement as well as 2 they make my stomach bleed.Can't take Advil,all those things on... "

" ...Pilate's before surgery.I need a knee replacement so I can't do all ...days off last week from walking because I had some bleeding.That has all stopped now.So I'm going back at it... "

Post from
" ...years after having a knee replacement because of the bacteria ...and the susceptibility of bleeding during dental cleanings, transferring ...we floss? I've had incidences of bleeding while I... "

" ...her femur just above a knee replacement two days ago. The bone splintered and it is broken in several places. We were told she's bleeding around the breaks. She's been scheduled for surgery twic... "

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" ...mind. On another note, my hubby once left all 3 kids to go to his mother's (who lives next door) in an emergency, she had knee replacement surgery and had fallen and had uncontrolled bleeding... "

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