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Bleeding, technically known as hemorrhaging or haemorrhaging (see American and British English spelling differences number...
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Common Bleeding treatments discussed around the web
Provera 7,112 Mirena 5,521 Pitocin 2,883
2,442,602 conversations around the web about Bleeding to help you make a decision
2,442,602 conversations around the web about Bleeding to help you make a decision
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Bleeding & Hemoglobin

We found 4,754 discussions
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" could well be. I had major hemorrhaging but my hemoglobin was \"fine\" and in fact \"great\". well that's just not the best test... "

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" ...I was admitted to the hospital with a hemoglobin count of 4. I had been bleeding heavily for the previous two weeks and basically thought that my monthly friend had completely gone out of... "

" ...Verboonen and team. I had some post-op bleeding and a low hemoglobin about 2 weeks out. Other... "

" ...had a rough start they had to go back in after I had some internal bleeding and my hemoglobin is still recovering. I did struggle the first couple days too. I foun... "

" Are both you hemoglobin and iron levels low or just hemoglobin? I have chronic bleeding due to crohn's disease and my hemoglobin is low, but my iron ...enough iron, I'm just bleeding too often to... "

" ...glad you bleeding problem stopped I had a bleeding problem also and now have low hemoglobin! I can... "

" might have a high hematocrit/hemoglobin. I used to bleed really bad like that too ...a few times when my scalp would bleed duri... "

" sick. i don't know what is wrong with him. he is bleeding internally, maybe his stomach? his hemoglobin is just above transfusion... "

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" ...smoothie after the birth of my son. I had a hemorrhage. It helped with my hemoglobin. I have to say though, I haven't heard of... "

" ...five minutes or so. The nurse who did the haemoglobin check said I was 'bleeding well' and attributed that to the brief exercise.... "

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