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Blast Cells + Blood Test

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Ask a question
31 conversations around the web about Blast Cells + Blood Test to help you make a decision
31 conversations around the web about Blast Cells + Blood Test to help you make a decision
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Blast Cells & Blood Test

We found 31 discussions
" should double check the blood work, if the white blood count ...docor if there are any blast cells on the blood work. That is a sign... "

" ...ok i had blood work done and they found blast cells in my blood, giant ...overall white count. symptoms are: fevers, nausea and sometimes ...severe condition that causes blast cells to be in... "

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" ...aren?t any Blast cells in your... "

" ...routine blood work and ...We just finished his last chemo treatment and he is still 2 1/2 months later in the hospital fighting off typhlitis ...see blast cells ever again in his blood work. ... "

" Blood test shows normocytic normochronic blood picture ...yesterday , I went for blood test - peripheral smear study Red immature myeloid or lympoid blast cells platelets adequate morpholo... "

" High WBC, melanocytes and blast cells. Was on antibiotics. What does ...I just recently had another blood tests and it still shows that ...shows that myelocytes is 0.82. Blast cells is 0.14. Cou... "

" ...I just noticed that my last blood test results showed NRBCs were present. I Googled it and ...of the same significance as blast cells? My doctor didn't mention them... "

" I was diagnosed with Leukemia late after going to ...all during day and often slept night and day. Blood test revealed acute Myloyde leukemia, blast cells in the mouth, got to the stage I could... "

" have a lot of blast cells in it. Anything is possible at this point. Keep the regular appointments and blood work schedules just to be on the safe... "

" ...labwork this morning. His blood is now showing the blast cells that indicate he's made/making the shift to full blown going tomorrow for more blood tests and a bone marrow biopsy... "

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