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Bladder Problems

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(Bladder disorder)
Common Bladder Problems treatments discussed around the web
Elmiron 222 Botox 221 Detrol 213
37,032 conversations around the web about Bladder Problems to help you make a decision
37,032 conversations around the web about Bladder Problems to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Bladder Problems

Bladder Problems & Vitamin B12 Deficiency

0.04% of the posts that mention Vitamin B12 Deficiency also mention Bladder Problems (14 posts)
Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Bladder Problems
We found 14 discussions
Post from
" many other things too. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause bladder issues, and a lot of the ...such as eggs or yogurt? Vitamin B12 can only be found in... "

Post from
" ...a possible vitamin B12 deficiency. Even the ...manifestations.\" You have mentioned bladder problems; in part two of the documentary, it is mentioned that B12 deficiency causes uro-genital... "

" ...used to give her B12 shots years ago, but she passed away in 1996. Mom has been diagnosed with a B12 deficiency. I thought that was directly ...used to always have bladder problems due to even a... "

" typical of what low B12 does to you. My ...almost disappeared since getting enough B12 and I always noticed that Gaviscon) when necessary. Your bowel and bladder problems mirror m... "

" ...certainly be due to a B12 deficiency and many of us experience ...Factor antibodies. Do you have any other symptoms such as fatigue, tingling in hands or feet or bowel/bladder problems?... "

Post from
" ...injections. You can get B12 tablets but they are those with a B12 deficiency. Have you been given are experiencing fatigue, dizziness, bowel/bladder problems or pins & needles, ... "

" ...apart from a slight b12 deficiency. I was referred to ...especially regarding stenosis and the bladder issues I am describing. I'm just in conjunction with the b12 issue. I'm not *... "

" ...????? Dementia??? \"oh we all get forgetful\" \"our eyes don't last forever\" \"Pain where? Bladder problems? Your not getting ...I've said before, if the tests for B12 deficiency were a... "

Post from
" ...from that, I've never had bladder issues. I've had only one bladder ...any MS symptoms... And yes, B12 deficiency left unchecked can cause neurological... "

" ...may be able to share their experience on their bladder problems and the treatments and investigations they may have had. ...bladder symptoms. I mentioned about vitamin B12 deficiency as I do kno... "

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