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Bladder Problems

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Ask a question
(Bladder disorder)
Common Bladder Problems treatments discussed around the web
Elmiron 222 Botox 221 Detrol 213
36,949 conversations around the web about Bladder Problems to help you make a decision
36,949 conversations around the web about Bladder Problems to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Bladder Problems

Bladder Problems & Hashimoto's Disease

0.04% of the posts that mention Bladder Problems also mention Hashimoto's Disease (15 posts)
Bladder Problems
Hashimoto's Disease
We found 15 discussions
" Hashimoto's and bladder problems Pam, My hashi's was diagnosed about 4 years ago (I am 49) ...teens I have had pelvic floor/bladder issues. No UTI's but I related to my hashi's. If so, ... "

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" ...really hard recovey because I still hurt so bad. My husband was getting really frustrated with me because I always complained about the pain. It got to where I was having spasms and the pain was ... "

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" ...I have been a Fibro sufferer for over ...fibro. I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis,some osteoarthritis and some bladder issues which are still being ...the go. However the arthritis in my ha... "

" ...B12 level was nearly four times the maximum \"normal\" reading - according to ...wouldn't normally take even Panadol. Mum already has Hashimoto's Thyroid, borderline ...face, and bladder prob... "

" ...asking me about my kidney and bladder problems? they have been a ...well. but as i said since last years antibiotic cream it improved greatly and is ...lid. I have hashimoto's thyroiditis bu... "

" ...been found to eliminate the Hashimoto's antibodies.\" I am wondering ...kidney stones (having had bladder problems as well), but ...days - the headache has gone and my temperature is do... "

" ...about the Graves stuff till Rosie mentioned it. I had been in the Hashimotos part for so long I just forgot about the ...gotten so used to the bladder problems, that I forgot years ago... "

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" AI Pancreatitis, AI Hepatitis, Hashimoto's, Fibro, Seizures, Asthma, Sleep Apnea, ...Tremors, Migraines, Autonomic \"weirdness\", motillity problems, bladder problems, GERD, and more I can'... "

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" ...underactive thyroid disease called hashimotos. I am on daily investigate further with the bladder problems which I cannot empty completely is related to Hashimotos or MS? Is it... "

" ...for 2 years and having bladder issues it wasn't until I started ...many Suppliments Swollen Burning tongue/lips Hashimotos Thyroiditis DX. Babsiosis 4/07 -Malerone... "

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