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Bladder Inflammation

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Cystitis is a term that refers to bladder inflammation that results from any one of a number of distinct syndromes. It is most commonl...
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Common Bladder Inflammation treatments discussed around the web
trimethoprim 257 Cipro 144 Nitrofurantoin 96
26,582 conversations around the web about Bladder Inflammation to help you make a decision
26,582 conversations around the web about Bladder Inflammation to help you make a decision
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Bladder Inflammation & Pain In The Urethra

1.33% of the posts that mention Pain In The Urethra also mention Bladder Inflammation (47 posts)
Pain In The Urethra
Bladder Inflammation
We found 47 discussions
" ...first time in 3 years understand where my daughters problems with cystitis has come from. She is ...the time, spasms in her urethra, pain in her bladder and kidneys,... "

" ...have had severe intersititial cystitis for about fifteen years so I ...down there pain for things like pap smears and sex is severly decreased- way way less. My bladder and urethra pain is stil... "

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" ...I was 4 years old! Im now 30 and it has gotten alot worse. Sometimes it feels as though my bladder is about to fall out, and the urethral pain is the worse. I wonder if my gyno made it... "

" ...had - still have - blood in my urine and urethral pain - and went to ...anesthesia). the biopsies showed no sign of cancer. however i do have bladder inflammation. treatment is lots of antibioti... "

" ...suffered with a bladder infection cystitis for like six weeks nothing ...on and off I had bladder /urethra pain for weeks please persist with ...get better hope u feel better soon... "

" ...issue and prescribed Ativan for pain relief. Although it helps, this is difficult be alert. I've now been in constant urethra pain for 2-3 weeks due ...into an Interstital Cystitis fl... "

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" ...told me oftentimes pain in the urethra is really pain in the bladder that's simply felt as urethral pain. He said it's ...times whatever reduces the bladder inflammation and irritation, will... "

" ...urethral pain after resuming relations and my dr. said it's like having \"honeymoon cystitis\". ...Also, urinating before and after intercourse to prevent bacteria from entering the urethra & po... "

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" ...a burning/irritation around the recurring. I have very little redness to the outer ...he sees nothing. I am also experiencing pain in the urethra and cystitis symptoms off and on.... "

" not concerend. I have intersitial cystitis.(bladder spasms, frequency, bladder & urethral pain) are the symptoms I live ...Jeff I'm sorry you had such a painful experience...I hope you're... "

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