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hallucination, in broadest sense of the word, is a perception in the absence of a stimulus (physiology). In a stricter sense, hallucin...
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Common Hallucinations treatments discussed around the web
Seroquel 3,569 Abilify 1,832 Risperdal 1,429
271,201 conversations around the web about Hallucinations to help you make a decision
271,201 conversations around the web about Hallucinations to help you make a decision
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Birth Control Pills & Hallucinations

We found 213 discussions
", but for me BC pills, or any hormone replacement ...well, but together they are a toxic combination. Horrible rage, hallucination, paranoia,... "

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" ...and hallucinate. HOw often do you use OC ? I've had experience hallucinating... "

" ...I can't stop thinking about OC. I hella want it. I know i shouldn't take ...into a zebra, and was holding a printer. I was hallucinating. I learned never mix lithium or... "

" ...Only time Ive heard of such effects is from OC but i dont fck with that, thats the devil. ...lil buddy?? your probably just really stressed and feeling hallucinations from it. it can happen... "

" ...have. I never thought a bcp could affect hair loss, but ...& i thought i was hallucinating when exactly a wk before my period i would get wicked mood swings & just be miserable.... "

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" i find morphene to be very hallucinogenic, open eyed if you count ...H, then yea that too OC, not so much...maybe dreamlike like when i say i hallucinate on morphene ill see people... "

" ...4 months ago with N w/o C. It only took one MSLT ...the diagnosis (average 3 minutes 5 seconds even had accompanying hallucinations). I'm 20 years old, trying to balance college work... "

" ...I used to take Amitryptiline (same as Elevil) ...of mixing Amitryptiline with Vicoprofen and had hallucinations. Will NEVER do that again. I'm off the birth control pill - switched to the Mi... "

" ...used to take nytol (Diphenhydramine) to helo me sleep, but it used to give me slight hallucinations (mainly auditory hallucinations). and eventuly ...make my pure 'o O.C.D. and my intrusive thou... "

" ...(sp?)- c/t it, no problem Detoxed from Hydrocodone and other opiates ...pains, stomach aches, headaches, hallucinations, shakes, vomit and the ...took Hydro 10's, Perco's, OC's and whatever ... "

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