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Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder or bipolar Affect (psychology) disorder, historically known as manic?depressive disorder, is a Classific...
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Common Bipolar Disorder treatments discussed around the web
Lithium 32,456 Lamictal 29,906 Seroquel 19,983
984,467 conversations around the web about Bipolar Disorder to help you make a decision
984,467 conversations around the web about Bipolar Disorder to help you make a decision
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Bipolar Disorder & Racing Thoughts

13.5% of the posts that mention Racing Thoughts also mention Bipolar Disorder (4,995 posts)
Racing Thoughts
Bipolar Disorder
We found 4,997 discussions
" ...of what you've written are some symptoms of bipolar. I'll have racing thoughts and get irritable but I bottle it up and never take it out on others. Does he ever feel euphoric?... "

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" ...However... I am experiencing intense anger, and the lethargy is so miserable to deal with. I have bipolar disorder, and suffer from racing thoughts in the middle of the night. At first I... "

" ...and how I act crazy and feel out of control. I hate it when I fight with my wife and she blames my bipolar and I... "

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" ...well as desipramine. Geodon helps with my hypomania. I'm doing much better. The racing thoughts have gone away and I feel more in control like Janna's talking abou... "

" worked great to slow down my racing thoughts and was excellent in helping me sleep. i did gain 30 pounds from it and am thankfully chipping those pounds... "

" ...300-600 mg of Seroquel and 2mg of clonazepam. The Seroquel keeps my Bipolar stable plus makes me sleepy. I then put in a (DVD) movie to calm my racing thoughts and curl up with... "

" ...stimulant. You have racing thoughts and your ...I am also diagnosed with bi polar I and was prescribed seroquel but no longer take it. Gonna try self medicating/fish oil and see ... "

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" ...thoughts? I've noticed that Clonazepam not only controls my rapid cycling, but it also prevents racing thoughts and paranoia as well. I feel a tremendous sense of calm and contentment when I take i... "

" ...having been diagnosed in 2002 with depression and battled ...ever since. A bipolar diagnosis for me has now been somewhat of a terrifying relief. But yeah good to know what my noisy head was all... "

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" ...bipolar type 2 when i was put on antidepressants this last time and started as the dr said \"rapid cycling\" seroquel is the mood stabilizer i'm on right now. It's helped calm my anxiety and... "

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