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Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder or bipolar Affect (psychology) disorder, historically known as manic?depressive disorder, is a Classific...
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Common Bipolar Disorder treatments discussed around the web
Lithium 32,437 Lamictal 29,891 Seroquel 19,966
983,712 conversations around the web about Bipolar Disorder to help you make a decision
983,712 conversations around the web about Bipolar Disorder to help you make a decision
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Bipolar Disorder & Learning Disorder

3.22% of the posts that mention Learning Disorder also mention Bipolar Disorder (263 posts)
Learning Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
We found 263 discussions
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" ...apparent if he had gone on to second grade. Long story short, he is bipolar, dyslexic and has verbal learning disorder. It was the correct move at the time. His maturity level is 2-3... "

" ...kindergarden with a learning disorder. She was held ...very difficult time. She also has adhd and is bipolar. Her doctor has had her on ritalin but it caused her to be very groggy and unalert... "

" it for my severe learning disabilities (ADHD, non-verbal learning disorder), as well as severe depression. At the time they ...hadn't told me that I was bi-polar. I didn't find that out... "

" ...with ADHD, anixety disorder, a learning disorder and a mood disorder. The ...that the mood disorder is Bipolor disorder. I would suggest having ...the diagnosis of bipolar because of his age ... "

" ...and it all just feels like to much,i have bipolar 2 disorder ,general anxiety,major depression,learning disorder,social and academic problems and serious impairment in social functioning... "

" ...between learning disorders and mental illnesses ...referring to ADHD and bipolar disorder/manic depression. I have read ...signs of ADHD have high chances of suffering from bipolar as adults.... "

Post from
" BRMSTN69: Glossopoiesis, I too am bipolar, in fact of being my ...and i believe that with the helping others with learning disorders that would be a great benifit to yourself. Try... "

Post from
" ...distress that became his life triggered the rapid development of his symptoms. He was told he had ADHD as all children with Bipolar forms of disorders are told at first. He got his share of... "

" ...disorders age 10, BP I age 11 (symptomatic from birth), poss. schizoaffective. Rapid cycling, mixed episodes w/psychosis, fewer depressive episodes. Taking lithium ER, Abilify, propranolol---near... "

" ...has epilepsy, and his brother has a learning disorder. Maybe CC is trying to ...the egg donor's mother who has bipolar disorder, other side of the family speak. It is this bipolar dior... "

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