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Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder or bipolar Affect (psychology) disorder, historically known as manic?depressive disorder, is a Classific...
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Common Bipolar Disorder treatments discussed around the web
Lithium 33,018 Lamictal 30,476 Seroquel 20,342
999,114 conversations around the web about Bipolar Disorder to help you make a decision
999,114 conversations around the web about Bipolar Disorder to help you make a decision
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Bipolar Disorder & Delusional Jealousy

9.32% of the posts that mention Delusional Jealousy also mention Bipolar Disorder (11 posts)
Delusional Jealousy
Bipolar Disorder
We found 11 discussions
" ...he sounds like he is bipolar 2 with borderline traits. Could ...someone like this would behave. He has been diagnosed with Delusional Jealousy already. She seems to think he is the bp2... "

" ...suspected to have) Delusional Jealousy Disorders, and the ...mood changes frequently. Sure, bi-polar is possible (though apparently people with bi-polar disorder typically don't switch moods... "

" ...known as morbid jealousy or delusional jealousy. It is a mental disorder found. Those are schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, alcoholism or sexual dysfunction. In... "

" schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but (some) OCPDrs ...according to the above definition. Delusional jealousy plus other things. Paranoia. ...share your impressions/experience on delus... "

" He may have bipolar and also have some tendencies ...mind the following: 1. \"I\" am bipolar 2. I get extremely and ...jealous in romantic relationships Despite being bipolar and also a jealous ... "

" ...and on the other side, delusional jealousy is very treatable with medications a potential symptom of bipolar disorder. BUT, I BETTER EXPLAIN MYSELF a symptom of bipolar - We... "

" ...important or is a god ?Delusional jealousy - believing a spouse or ...aspect of the psychotic features of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, as... "

" ...that I had drug induced bi-polar disorder, so I dropped down from ...induce hallucinations, hypomania, and a delusional jealousy known as Othello-Syndrome. Frankly, the... "

" Latuda For Sleep? And Not Bipolar? So, my pdoc just switched ...were initially going with a bipolar diagnosis but I have totally ...doing? Is he treating for bipolar or sleep? He also plac... "

" ...And the fact that Seroquel has generics and Latuda ...I'm not sure where delusional jealousy falls on the whole ...Seroquel for sleep. I'm not bipolar, I'm just a depression-anxiety basketcas... "

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