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Taken for: Biotin Deficiency
Other names: Appearex
Method of use: Pill
Category: Dietary supplement
Biotin, historically known as Vitamin H is a water-soluble B vitamins (vitamin B7) discovered by Bateman in 1916. It is composed...
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Based on medical discussions around the web

What people say about Biotin and Impotence ?

#37 in Biotin discussions - 65 posts discuss Impotence with Biotin.
We found 65 discussions
" ...which rarely has as side-effects erectile dysfunction. Though Palmetto the other medication can be used to enhance erection (among other indications) in some men, it rather causes erectile... "

" ...Keraglo has a main ingredient Biotin which rarely has as side-effects erectile dysfunction. Though Palmetto the other medication, it rather causes erectile dysfunction. The vitamins and m... "

" ...Propecia but don't ...already have a bit of an erectile dysfunction problem without taking any for life.. Will taking biotin rogaine nizoral be as effective since they don't hav... "

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" ...friend swears by biotin for saving his hair. ...the study supporting the use of biotin. You can have hair ...of men who have had their lives ruined by erectile dysfunction that resulted from ... "

" ...90 pills of propecia today, got it with the ...on them. obviously some people experience erectile dysfunction, etc., some do not. how ...even be worth it, i am taking biotin and multivitami... "

" the front and near the back. So have been looking for some help. 1 I use minoxidil 5% 2 Biotin supps Propecia I heard helps, but costs great deal and can cause impotency.... "

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" ...and read about the irreversible limp dick and stopped. So I decided ...route. Two weeks ago I started taking 10,000 milligrams of biotin and Nizoral shampoo every other... "

" ...loss (grab some biotin as a supplement). loss cases biotin does nothing as a vitamin H deficiency isn't a common problem. I'd stay away ...on the drug had erectile dysfunction whil... "

" ...Welcome to healthcare magic Biotin is a vitamin required in your genes. Biotin can cause gastritis in some. ...mentioned are decreased libido, impotence, low ejaculate quantity, Gyneco... "

" ...few blokes with perma impotence, or some even losing ...probably useless combo of nizoral, biotin and inositol. When I have ...stop more loss but imagine having the impotence from finasrterid... "

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