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Taken for: Biotin Deficiency
Other names: Appearex
Method of use: Pill
Category: Dietary supplement
Biotin, historically known as Vitamin H is a water-soluble B vitamins (vitamin B7) discovered by Bateman in 1916. It is composed...
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Biotin & Histidine

We found 14 discussions
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" What's up with Biotin? (Hair Loss Supplements) This version applied topically helps with growth \"Biotinyl Tripepdide-1 ...amino acid residues - glycerine, histidine and lysine, and is... "

" upgraded to the success stories forum within a year. I'm also using Propecia 1mg, Silica, Biotin, Histidine, a Multivitamin, and zinc. Shampoo= T-Gel. All about 1 month so far. Hopefully... "

" ...biotin, extra protein and other measures that I usually recommend for hair loss. On a dosage of 37.5 mg of iodine for 6 weeks, this condition completely cleared and ...tyrosine or histidine... "

" ...b-vites I know of that don't feed it is biotin. I just keep getting every removed version I can. The carnitine even is made from b-6. The histidine is. I just try to replace everything I learn... "

" me how histidine act on its own to facilitate the enolisation of the... "

" ...of biotin Can someone explains to me how histidine act on its own... "

" ...low B2, low B6, low biotin, or low amino acids. The ...marker for low tetrahydrofolate can be masked by low histidine. Quite a few PWMEs have these deficiencies, so it... "

" ...result of poorly functioning glutamine synthetase (synthase?) which has biotin and Mn as cofactors (though Mn has been shown ...So you have methylation - histidine - glutamate, glutamate - GABA... "

" ...the next suplement to add as you said, and L-histidine and carnosine are not worth it. Check out SNS ...and adding tiny doses of biotin alongside R-ALA isn't a bad... "

" ...can reduce the activity of ODC in the pancreas. Histidine (2-5 grams/day) - supplementation can alter ODC activity quite ...SAMe the bodies demand for Biotin goes up while supplementing a... "

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